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End of season ski deals for 14 year old boy.

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Hi long time lurker first time poster.

I need to buy skis for my 14 year old son who just turned 14 at the end of February. Since it is the end of the season, I thought it would be financially prudent to buy now. Unfortunately the shops and big box stores deals are not as good as what I have found on the internet. I will however pay extra to buy proper fitting boots from a specialty shop but I do figure I would be ok to buy skis online.


Here is the answers to the five questions I was asked by your article on this web site.


We ski in the East at various mountains.

We ski mostly hard pack terrain. Has started to ski small soft mogal runs but not his fav. No interst in the terrain park.

We ski 10 to 15 times a year

My son is 5"6 and 130lbs

He has taken lessons for 5 years and has progressed slowly if not steadily. He is currently a level 5 skier. Instuctor has said he is starting to carve as he does put his ski on edge but is still to upright and would like him to get lower and bend his knees more.

Presently skis on a Techno Pro ski @144cm which we were told were rebaged Elan E Flex 4. Dimensions are 115-70-100 R12


Here are the deals we are looking at.

 2011 Blizzard Magnum 7.4 IQ from Ski Essentials for $329 in a 156cm



2011 Fischer RX9 LTD Edition From Ski Depot for $299 in a 150cm



2012 Nordica Hot Rod Blaze from EVO Sports for $275.40 in a 152cm



2009 Blizzard GS Magnesium Junior Race Skis of of Ebay Band new no bindings for $129 in a 153cm skis from Pinnacle ski and sports.



So given all the information here are we on the right track? 150 to 156 cm? Graphically my son like the Blizzard JR racing ski and Ilike the price? When we bought his last skis the kid at the ski shop said to put him into JR racing skis or beginner adult skis that was 2 years ago. Would the bindings that are appropriate for the Jr race ski hold a Adult ski boot. He presently skis in a Rossignol Exalt 60 in a 25.5 length.


I'm open to all suggestions. I know some people will say by used but my son wants new and if I could get a great deal on new why not?



As you can we are price sensitive, if the Blizzard Jr racing skis are a no go are the other three skis ok?





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Hi - Welcome. I'd steer clear of race skis until he learns to carve decently. Just too small a sweet spot, once they get into the 130's and are aimed at actual USSA categories. Also not great in bumps, and sooner or later he'll want to get better in those. The RX9's - or any of the Fischer carvers - are fine skis for getting better on, light, responsive, really teach you to carve through positive reward. High recommend. OTOH, they're a bit short, you should be looking at something that comes to above his eyebrows, which at 14 will mean mid-nose by next fall. 


Have you looked at on-slope shops? This time of year they have a lot of demos, often in very nice condition, that are going out in front of the store. Also of course, fleabay, and check Level Nine. 

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Thanks for the warm welcome beyond,

 I must admit I have not tried the local shops at the ski hills, I always figured there prices were inflated but I will be at our local hill this Wed so I will check it out. I kind of figured that the racing skis were out of the equation. I personally was leaning towards the Nordica or the Blizzards as the Fischers sound like too much ski but I don't know.


Fischer RX9 LTD

Wood core with 2 sheets of Titanal metal. Maximum performance at a value price. LIMITED EDITION. 

I definitely am biased towards a wood core which has ruled out a lot of skis in the sub $350 price range but would the metal make the ski too stiff for a level 5 skier?

The Fischers only come in  150cm at these prices which i felt was a little short and The Nordica's only come in 152 at these prices. The Blizzards seem right at 156cm.



Thanks for your opinion



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Thanks jcgWI,


I just checked out the site. Seems like a fabulous idea. Once I know what I'll be getting him I will use this site for sure.

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