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I put this here since I know that some of the boot guys have put a lot of effort into measuring/determining mounting locations and I didn't want it to get buried or side tracked.

My question is: has anybody tried to determine a reliable mathematical method to determine mount location?

My testing: I have had several pairs of skis with various dimensions, purposes and flex patterns and I have arrived at my preferred mounting location through trial and error and the mathematical relationship that has come out as consistent is that I like the "front" of the ski (boot center to front contact point of the ski) to be 54.5% of the contact length of the ski.

I have measured the length between the boot center and my ball of foot and it is 7-cm.

X=contact length
Y=length behind front contact point

(1) x/2 + 7 = y BOF/CRS location
(2) 0.545(x) = y

Y1=y2 at 155 cm contact length which happens to be the contact length of several pairs of my skis despite them being 10cm apart, some flat tail carvers, some twin tip 100mm waisted skis.

Is this pure coincidence because the percent method happens to coincide with BOF/CRS for my foot/boot/skis or would everybody have a percentage number that works, possibly better than BOF/CRS?

Has anybody looked at large length changes to see if BOF/CRS holds up? The difference between the two methods is only 2cm at 200cm contact length (215cm ish ski?; percentage number farther back) for my "percentage number" and 2.5cm at 100cm (115cm ish ski; BOF/CRS farther back) so it gives very similar locations for me and for some people it may give even less difference.

Am I out to lunch and I just happen to be the coincidence that works reasonably well?