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Women's ski recommendation wanted

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I've gotten back to skiing this winter after more than 10 years away from the sport.  I'd like to try out, and probably buy, shaped skis.  (My straight skis date from about 1994.)  I'd love some recommendations about which skis are most likely to suit me, as I don't have the time to demo more than a few.


Here are the seemingly appropriate women's skis that I can demo at mountain moderately nearby:


Atomic    Cloud 9
Atomic    Elysian
Atomic    Supreme
Head    Mya no. 5
K2    SuperBurnin
K2    SuperIfic    
K2    SuperStitious
Nordica    Amber
Nordica    Belle TO Belle
Nordica    Cinnamon Girl
Nordica    Wild Belle
Rossignol     Temptation 74
Rossignol     Temptation 78
Salomon     BBR Skylight
Salomon     Origins Lagoon
Volkl    Allura
Volkl    Viola


Looking up various reviews, I start to get analysis paralysis, so I'd love to get some opinions on where to focus my attention.


Here's the info on me:


Located in Boston suburbs skiing mainly MA and NH, with some VT and ME, so New England conditions all the way.  I ski groomed intermediate and advanced trails.  I don't like mogul skiing.  I ski about 12 days a winter.  I'd rate my ability as between "advanced intermediate" and "advanced".  (A trail that I enjoy at the upper end of my abilities is Obsession at Sunday River in ME.  Double black diamond trails at big mountains are above my level.)  I'm 5'6", 145 lbs, and female.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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We got my wife 2013 Line Celebrity 90s as we're out west. They also make an 85 which might suit east coast better. The ski has early-rise rocker nose and tail and a nice even flex. She's an intermediate that skis blues and blue-black grooomers and wants to advance and gain confidence off piste. These skis will do that and are billed as ones for "girls who rip" as well. She has the 165cm size and she is 5-7, 115.

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Welcome to EpicSki!  When you demo, may want to first narrow things down a bit by seeing if there are brands that you like or don't like.  For instance, I've discovered over the last few years that while some women love Volkl skis, they are not for me.  I much prefer Rossi, Dynastar, or Blizzard.  Have only been on Nordica once and they were fine too.  I'm a petite older skier who learned on straight skis long ago, but only had enough time on snow to become an advanced skier in the last ten years.


Have you discovered TheSkiDiva.com yet?

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