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Ski sizing...

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Im going to buy the 5 Stars, but I am unsure of a correct length. Im 5'10 and weigh 150. Im an advanced/expert aggressive ski style. I dont know whether to get the 168 or the 161. Any suggestions? Thanks alot fellas
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Well, i don' know what the 5 stars are and I don't know what you'd be using them for, two very important components to this decision. When you get a chance write back and tell us what you're gonna be using them for, then we can perhaps make better judgments.

Peaz and carruts,

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Oh, my bad fellas. I would be using these mostly for groomers. I absolutely love to carve fast GS turns most of the day. I also would like to improve my SL technique (one of the reasons Im purchasing these skis is their duality in regards to both flavors of skiing, SL and GS). So, basically, I would be skiing these in the east coast, on fast groomed runs (ie icy where I come from). Which size would hold edge grip better? Im a light guy, only 150 lbs, but a very aggressive skiier. I also might take a trip out west next winter, the length of which is yet to be determined (skibum), so I may need a size that will better "float" if you can say that about the supersports. Its just that Ive heard these skis aint no Sugar Daddys. Thats about it on the info I think. I got some mo' finals to get on now...
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i had this same size debate myself with the 5 stars. i'm 6'2" and 200 lb. first demoed last spring and loved the 168 could do anything gs,sl,bumps,ice no problem. demoed again this fall at killington in 161 and 168. great fun, the 161 was much like my rossi sl 158 and not quite as stable at speed but not bad, and thats with 200lb. actually bought the 175 to use as gs race ski, the increase in length made it perfect to race tight gs or nastar but really cut down the quickness/versatility and is more work. at 150 lb i would go with the 161 so i could do it all.
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Who makes the "5 Stars"?


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Are you talking about the Volkl T50 Supersport *****?


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Guys. Cmon. the 5 Stars. Who do you think makes them?? Ill give ya a hint: its not Burton. Right Volkl. Volkl makes the 5 stars. Thanks for the reply to that one. I was actually leaning towards the 168cm, but you make a good point in that. You really think moving up to 168cm would take away from the skis energy?
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5 stars?....i thought K2 made them in china [img]tongue.gif[/img]

To put things into perspective, I'm 5'6 or so and weigh 140. I went ahead and got the 161. The 161 would be easier to turn on sicne it IS going to have less swing weight. I've foudn the 161 to be plenty for me. I can literally bomb down slopes on ice with phenomenal edge grip. You weigh...150...so about 10lbs more i'm guessing. I think you should have alot of fun on the 161's [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Go for the 161cm if you love carving the groomed and want to experience some cool SL turns.

Out West get something fatter, especially if you are going to be in deep powder all the time.

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I came to the board w. this question earlier this year.
I'm a level 7 skier and was buying my first pair of skis. I wanted the closest thing to a do-it-all ski that I could find and selected X-Scream 9's. I'm 5'11 and 180 lb and I was tossed up between 169 and 179cm. I went 169 and now after demo'ing some longer stuff, I wish I'd gone 179. The longer just seems a bit more stable and powerful on my bigger turns and when I'm blazing the groomers. I dunno, I suppose 10 cm. really isn't a world of difference, but my next pair will probably be longer.
Oh and do yourself a favor, don't worry too much about something that's gonna float the powder if you're an East Coaster. If you're lucky enough to be out West on a powder day, you'll go and rent full fledged powder skis for $25 a day and be a happy guy.
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Believe it or not, some of us DON'T know what the hell '5-stars' are..
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I'm 6' 180lbs and I bought the 168cm. Skied them for the first time today and they rocked! They were fantastic all over the mountain, groomers, bumps, trees, and the 3" of powder we had this morning. Best ski I have ever been on. I would go 161cm if I were you.
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