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Please Help Select a 2012 Rossignol Ski

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I'm just getting back into skiing after probably 6 years off.  I'm 26 years old, 5'8 and 165 lbs.  I live in the Okanagan Valley of BC so I usually ski at Big White and Silver Star but I'll also be taking trips to Revelstoke since it's only a 2 hour drive away for me.  I would say that I'm an intermediate skier right now but my skill level will likely increase fairly quickly because of my age and the fact that I'm fairly athletic overall.  I'm not into back country skiing.  I like to skis mostly on runs and also duck into the trees to find some powder.  When I'm with my girlfriend, we tend to stick to groomed runs.  When I'm with my friends, we tend to ski more in the trees.


I want to pick up a pair of skis right now since all the 2012 stuff is heavily discounted right now.


I went skiing twice in the last month and demo'd both a Rossignol S3 in 17X length and a Rossignol Experience 88 in 170cm length.  Both days I was up there didn't have much fresh snow at all.  I immediately liked the Experience 88s better but that was probably because of the conditions.  I found them a lot easier to turn on.


I'm still leaning towards the S3s because they seem like a better do-it-all ski and they would be a lot better in the powder.  They'd also be way better for trips to Revelstoke.  I'm leaning towards the S3 in 168cm length.  I was just hoping to get some suggestions as to what skis would be better for me?


Finally, I know this is beating a dead horse but what length would be recommended?  Typically, I prefer shorter skis because I find them easier to control.  I just don't want to buy the 168cm length and regret not having gone longer.





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The s3s are more of a freeride ski ("powder turn"); versus the e88 which is your typical frontside biased all-mountain ("auto turn").  

Read some reviews and you will see the s3 skis very short on it's length, it is more like a 158 "normal" frontside ski.  


If this is going to be your one ski, the s3 should be easier to maneuver, as the twintip/rocker and lightness makes it easy to make pivot turns and wiggle the ski around(steer vs tip).  It's often described as "playful" and so it will squish around softer snow, and even do some park.


The tradeoff is at higher speeds it will not be as stable and get thrown around and feel floppy when the piste isn't perfect at high speeds.


So in summary, s3 is better for slower maneuvering;  

If you want more stability and edge for higher speed/edges and more carving on the groomers then go with the e88.  


If you decide to go with s3; then you have another choice on length.  If you are wanting those really quick turns at slower speeds in the trees and offpiste, then you can stick with 168 to maximize that.

But if you want to take your s3 out to rail some big sweeping high speed turns on the groomers you will be happier getting a little more edge and going with the 178 of 186 even.  You can see from rossignol's sizing chart that at 165 lbs they suggest the longer ski.

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Why only Rossi?
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The most popular ski at the demo shop where I work is the Rossi S3. It seems to appeal to a wide range of skier abilities and ski conditions.


A couple of friends who were looking to replace their "hard pack" skis, and started out demoing 80-90mm wide skis, both loved and bought the wider (99mm wide, I think) S3 as an all round ski.


She: 5'6" 120lbs,  bought the168cm ski.


He: 5'8" 190lbs, (likes to turn a lot and wavered between the 168 and 178), bought the 178cm.


Big White and Silver Star, where the OP usually skis, almost never get real ice and have a mostly soft easy to carve snow pack so the S3 should work fine as a one ski quiver.

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I'm an intermediate skier, also from BC. I demoed the Atomic Access in 171 and 181 cm at Whistler. They are 100mm in the waist and will go head-to-head with the S3 in terms of being a user-friendly all mountain ski for the intermediate skier. Not as much rocker in the tail as the S3 but definitely one to demo if you can find a pair in your area.  

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