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Beaver Creek Early April 2013

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Does anyone have an idea of what the ski conditions are typical for Beaver Creek 1st week of April? 


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I'd expect spring conditions, it's getting a little warm around here these days. We'll be up there this coming weekend, and it's supposed to be almost 50 on Sat & Sun.

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I too will be visiting the Vail BC area for the first time starting April 5th. If anyone from the area would be kind enough to keep us first timers updated it would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

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Conditions were great this weekend.


Friday was warm, it did get a little slushy mid-mountain down in the afternoon. Saturday was just about perfect, it got warm enough to just soften the top snow, but not so warm that it went to slush. Sunday morning was just about perfect - about 2 inches of fresh light fast powder on top of the groomers. It did get windy on Sunday, but it didn't bother me much at all. I wore my lightweight pants/jacket all weekend (pants are lightly insulated, jacket is not insulated, just wore a pullover underneath), and just wore lightweight waterproof gloves.

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Thank you!

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We were up at BC on WED of this past week, 27 March.  Vail email claimed a light snowfall, and if there was any it was surely light.

Little mushy as to be expected for spring conditions.  We got there at about 0900 and parked down at the Bear parking lot and did the shuttle bus to first stop w/lifts (very smooth and easy).  conditions up in the Larkspur bowl were very nice in the morning, hadn't been groomed in a day or so it appeared, but not too choppy and we had a number of good runs.  My older son liked the mogul runs under Larkspur lift. 


We later moved to the main mountain and concentrated on the runs from the top all the way down via CINCH to ROSE BOWL.  Both very nice, again as expected, mushier as the afternoon came on.  My son liked the mogul runs down to Rose bowl under the lift -- medium sized bump (believe they were Spider and Cataract).  We liked Centennial up top (though it was rated black down further we couldn't figure out why) and the Rose bowl in general.  Also did the Harrier run down at end of day -- in great shape -- the black portion is solely due to steepness, no moguls.  Redtail was also supposed to be good.


All in all (1st time to get all the way to Beaver Creek for us) good conditions for late March.  Mushy for sure down at the bottom near the lifts, but upper part of the runs was generally good.  The least crowded lifts were over at Larkspur and way over at Rose bowl.  the main lift at the bottom and the mid mountain lift (Cinch) were pretty busy. Understand Birds of Prey was not crowded either, we just didn't get over there. 

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