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Ski speed

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No, not another how fast you ski thread.

Since I'm looking for new skis right now, I notice many manufacturers/retailers/reviews classify/rate skis based on speed, but only in very generalized terms like slow, moderate, fast, very fast etc., which is difficult to choose since everybody has different perception of speed and I don't know if I fall into the moderate or fast category.

Is there some sort of consensus on what those mean in numbers? If not, what's your take?
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When you ski are you staying with average skier traffic, consistently getting passed or consistently passing everyone?

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Depends on where I ski and day of the week, but most of my ski is done near urban center and I tend to pass people.

For what it's worth when I tried alpinereplay on my phone during a couple of carving runs at small local hill my average speed is 25 mph and max 42, no idea if it's accurate since people say these programs tend to over report speed. If the condition degrades to chopped/bumpy/wet or really icy I start to do skidding turns and go much slower.
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If you have skis not suited to speed, you will tend to ski slower, especially in the conditions you describe. have mph attached to their speed ratings.


If you get a ski that doesn't mind going fast, you probably will ski a lot faster.  Maybe a good idea, maybe not.


Typically skis suited to high speeds are a handicap at low speeds or in tight trees, moguls, and other places that reward an easily bended ski.


My estimates from experience reading reviews and skiing

I would say generally speaking slow speed = too slow for most people. About 15 mph speed limit

Medium speeds good enough for you if you are within the middle third of the people on the hill, and you can endure it a higher speeds for short times depending on conditions, but might get yourself in trouble. About 40-45  mph speed limit

High speeds = top 5% of skiers (in terms of speed)  About 50 mph speed limit.


Very high speeds > 60 mph speed limit  Typically at great cost when skiing moguls trees etc.


Some skis have a range of speeds that includes all of the above.

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