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atomic B5 metron 162cm

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Have a pair that are wearing out and would love to have a replacement pair in the wings.  Anyone out there know where I might look??

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You see them sometimes on EBay.  Set up a search.  EBay will email you when somebody posts a pair.

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I have a pair of Metron B5i's @ 163 with 20 days on them and was just told by guys in demo shop at loon that "the bottoms are in perfect shape" after they stripped them down to check out.  Tops sheet coating are scratched a bit from being in bag with kids ski's.  Not sure if they are different from B5.  sidecut is 131-76-115mm



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 That is the ski I'm interested in, is that picture your ski? What price are you thinking? donald

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donald, that is just picture I grabbed offline to show what model they are.  I will get you pictures tonight of tops and bottoms of actual skis. 


Where are located and I'll check on shipping, I'm quessing $30 but not sure yet.  Maybe deliver if northeast, i'm in Mass heading to NH this weekend.


As far as price - I really don't know what to ask because I know there is a pocket demand for them vs. being older.  I was offered $200 by shop worker last week (brand new tune!) just because he wants the neox bindings and would not use the ski so what do you think about $350 if you approve of condition??


Let me know, Cliff

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only "damage"  never touched edge


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I will need your email for pp.  DOnald

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