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Ankle injury and soft boot question

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Okay, just happend to find this forum through a google search about soft boots. First off, just wanted to introduce myself....my name is Jeremy and I live/work at Snowshoe, WV. That being said, I love skiing and everything about the resort lifestyle.

Anyway, a month ago I managed to chip two bones in my ankle. After several dr visits, it has become aware that I needed orthroscopic surgery to remove the bone chips (this thursday). My dr is a really cool guy, a skier himself, and totally understands my want/need to get back on the slopes. He is saying roughly 4 to 6 weeks until I can start skiing again, although I will have to take it easy. Both my dr and the best boot fitter/ski tech on the mtn have suggested that I look into soft boots at least to get through this season.

Now, my question is, after reading the soft boot posts below I am sorta becoming skeptical of soft boots. I can get screaming deals on several different boots, but the ones I am really looking at right now are the Rossi soft 1's, Dolomite DC 100, and the Kneissl Rails. Anyone have any real world/slope experience on these for more than a demo/single run session? If so, what are your thoughts? Which would you choose and why? I'm listening very closely to my dr and the mtn ski tech, but also wanted to get opinions from people that might have been in my situation or are skiing soft boots.

I'm not looking to buy until after my surgery and once things start looking normal on my foot again......and after I get cleared by the dr! I was skiing with Salomon x-wave 8.0's and loved them, but I know that I won't be able to get in them after surgery for a while and likely won't be comfortable in them either. Just looking for some experienced opinions and trying to kill time thinking about equipment.....instead of dwelling on the fact that I am not on the slopes.

Thanks for any responses and hope everyone is enjoying the winter......oh, and come to Snowshoe! (sorry, had to throw it in there.)
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I have an old ankle injury that limits my range of forward motion. I decided against soft boots because I am afraid that they will allow more motion than my injured ankle can tolerate. But that might not be a concern for you.

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Hmm, didn't think about the forward motion problems that I might have. Right now, my ankle is looking pretty good but feels stiff and I can't move it throughout a normal range of motion. I have a feeling that the stiffness is going to last quite a while after surgery. My main concern is getting a typical hard boot secure enough around my foot without putting massive pressure on a very tender ankle. I know this would be the case with my Salomon x waves, I would never be able to get them to that good fit feeling with control because they seem to clamp down on the ankle area. That is definitely something I will have to look into, thanks for bringing that up as I would have likely overlooked it until I got out onto the slopes.
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