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Small feet continued...

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I tried to add to existing forums on this subject- could not figure it out...


I would greatly appreciate any help/advice. 


I too have small feet and CAN NOT find a boot that fits. Well, one that is still made.  I just bought the Jr Lange RS 110 "21.5" and it is still way too big- not the length necessarily but all around my foot.  I am swimming in them :(  Not happy after spending way too much $ on boots that don't fit.


I work as a full time ski patroller at Alyeska in Alaska.

We only have 2 ski shops in the Anchorage area so there are not many boots available to even try.  After talking to Lange, I just went for it... and it didn't work.  


Local boot shop measured my foot- told me I'm a 22.5- NO WAY will my foot fill a 22.5.  It's not about the length, it's that there is WAY too much space in the boot for my foot to fill.  "Put shims under your liner"- now I'm out of the heal box.  Put a big wool sock around your liner... duck tape your liner...tape things to the top of your liners to take up space....


IT DOESN'T WORK!!! If the shell is too big, it is too big.  I am so frustrated :(  I am sure the guys I work with are tired of hearing me complain about my boots ;)


I too have heard that Lange is making a "true" 21 next year. My question is will the interior of the boot be any smaller than the current "21.5"?  I understand the sole length will be shorter...


I am also curious about the Dalbello 21. Anyone out there know if it is a lower volume boot? I didn't learn about the Dalbello's 'till a few months ago- they were all gone by that time.  I did however find a 21 Chakra at Start Haus. At least on paper, I think I'd rather have the Kryzma but never having tried either on...I don't know for sure... any thoughts? 


I skied in 22 Raichles, Full Tilts with Intuitions for years and finally decided to bite the bullet and try to find a better fitting boot.

I wear a size 6 shoe but have a narrow heal and not much mass to my foot.  I am 5'3" and weigh 110llbs.  


I was able to try a pair of old Technica Diablo Jr Race 130's and that is the only boot I've tried on that I did not swim in.  The sole length was 260mm and I think they were 2 1/2.  Unfortunately I can't find any (ebay...).  


Like I said, I'd appreciate any advice...



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You understand of course that there really isn't any other answer at this time in the world of sz 21 boots. The only sz. 21's with adult boot soles that were current in 2013 production are the ones you mention. I can't tell you from 2,000 miles away if the Chakra will work or not. It is however, lower in volume than the faux 21 from Lange that you have.


FWIW....The Lange sz 21's that will be delivered next year in in 70, 90, 110, & 120 flex will actually be 260mm BSL. However, they may still be a higher volume than you need. Can't say at this point cuz I haven't seen one.


An alternative might be one of the various 110-120 flex "plug" race boots from various makers such as Lange (RP ZA-S) Rossi (RP-ZA-J) Head (B5) or Nordica (Dobie WC 100). I cannot tell you if they will work or if you will "like" them but these are all ~~95mm boots that come in reasonable flexes and in sz 22. (No.....none come in sz. 21).



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If you want to buy the 260mm technicas, my store has them in stock.   Sounds like this has worked for you, so I'd go with it.

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Thanks for the comments!


 I just ordered the Chakras.  I'll give them a try first. If they don't work, then maybe the Technica's. 

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The TEcnicas may work but they aren't a 130 flex, if I remember correctly 90 or lower, and I think actually lower.  Probably better to wait for the 21s from Dalbello next year.  I've been told by the Rossi rep that true 21s from Rossi/Lange won't happen next year, but of course others (Jim) have been told differently.



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