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Wasatch Powder Day- & I'm out

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This morning- not that much, but 'tis enough for a fun day...




Broken shoulder blade. Snow snake on the green runout from the Nastar course, PCMR yesterday. Season's over. Oh well.Twenty years without a serious injury is pretty good. Beware the green circle!





 And here's a @#$%^& baby moose.




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Sorry to hear...hopefully you'll heal up soon.
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Bummer, I really feel your pain as I have been dealing with a shoulder injury and sling for a little over 5 weeks. Pretty common area of the body to mess up skiing. I guess these sorts of things are part of the deal. Get better.
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Sorry to hear.... coulda done with just the moose.

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 Downside: March is turning out to be a really nice month for snow in Zion: Pal Emily in flight at Alta on Monday...



Upside: no chores for the next few weeks...





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I feel your pain. Heal up ASAP!


This reminded me - been too long a time since I skied with you. 

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 Yes! Next season is gonna be great!

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