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For a number of years, I have been using the Li-ION version of Therm-ic heaters, along with the triangular heating elements installed in custom foot beds. The Li-ION batteries are starting to fade. So, I picked up a set of Burton Basix battery packs. I love the idea of being able to use rechargeable AAA batteries, and as planning on picking up a set of Eneloop XX batteries.


However, upon testing the Burton Basix with my existing boots, I have discovered that they do not produce any heat. Upon further investigation, I see that the battery pack I was using before has FOUR pins, whereas the Basix has only TWO pins. Other than that, the cable connect fine. Other than that, the cable plugs in perfectly.


The manual for the Basix says, "Basix Packs supply energy for the pre-installed Therm-ic heating system as well as all ThermicSoles (heated Therm-ic insoles)".


Is anyone able to tell me whether the Basix Pack should work, or are there stand-alone elements that I can buy to work with the Basix?


Thank you.