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ski injury

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My skiis popped off and I fell and injured my thumb, after having a ski shop adjust my binding to my new ski boots.  I was skiing on the bumps and my ski kept popping off. I went down to the resort shop and they said that it would be two hours to have them re-tune the skiis.  He noticed that the front and back din settings were different.  What I noticed while clipping back into my skiis is that the bindings weren't close enough to securely hold my boot.  The next day I brought my skiis to another shop and he moved the bindings closer and showed me why I kept releasing from my skiis.  The problem is that I now need surgery on my thumb from falling when my ski released.  I believe that the ski shop should cover my cost of the surgery.  What are your thoughts? 

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Ok, I'll play (even with trolls ;) 


It might be hard to prove that the bindings were in that condition when they left the shop.


Here's an idea!  If you can ski well enough to ski bumps it's about time you took some some responsibility for knowing how to adjust your bindings.


Who says you need surgery on your thumb?  Get a second opinion.

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I think if you read the back of the slip you signed you'll see its very hard to sue them.


You should at least contact them and tell them what the other shop found and see what they offer to do for you.


Don't go in there yelling and screaming.


You get better results with sugar then you do with ...

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That does seem odd that a professional shop would screw up the both the DIN and the forward pressure.  Usually when I've had a shop do binding work they make a big point of showing you exactly how everything is set.  I would definitely say something.

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My thoughts are that you signed a waver releasing the ski shop from any liability if you get injured, so you probably can't sue. 


Max gave some good advice.


Go talk to them, I am sure the owner/manager would like to know about the problem so they can try to fix it, and they should at least give you the money back for your work and might do something else for you. 

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