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Winter park lodging

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I hope this is an okay place to post this as the other classifieds it looks like you have to be a supporter..


I purchased a lodging pass at the vintage hotel at winter park with the intention of going out more this year. With the combo of light snow in Jan which is when my schedule is most free and things getting so busy at work I am not going to be able to go again and I have 5 nights left.

The cost was $800 for 10 nights so I am just wanting $80 a night for the 5 nights what I have left. so the remaining punches would be $400 but will sell amount you want.

I called and there is no problem I just have to call and reserve in your name.

The deal is sunday-thursday=1 night

friday and sat = 2 nights

holidays (March 10-14, March 27-31) = 3 nights.


So this work well for those that have the availability to go during the week. 

It is a studio so this is a very good value. They have done some nice upgrades to the hotel including all new beds.


I was planning on going out next week and I went ahead and booked saturday and sunday night which is the 16th and 17th of march it is now sold out for these nights I believe so if you want them I am going to hold until mid next week in case a  fellow bear wants them It would be $240 for the 2 nights.


If anyone is interested in these or have any questions let me know

you can email me at 


or call or text

(417) 667-1955


I have perfect feedback on a BUNCH of different sites such as ebay and golfwrx and many others under the user name



Thanks Mike

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If anyone wants the saturday and sunday of this week let me know as I have to cancel tomorrow. Just $240 for both nights. It is MUCH more than that regularly and is sold out..

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Still have the 5 nights. If someone wants them for $350 they're theirs. Not a better deal on lodging at WP available.

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