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Hi Everyone,


I've been trying to find an answer, but haven't found it yet.  I need advice, and recommendation.  I currently ski on Blizzard Magnum IQ 7.6 (170 cm).  I honestly don't really know my skill level.  I would say somewhere between 6 and 7, but I'm 64 years old and in ok shape but still 64 and so am not especially aggressive or fear loving!  Still, I love to carve frontside grooners at moderate speed and ski through modest  powder of 3-5 inches.;  I'm 5'8.5" tall, 185 lbs, and ski mostly in the East at Stratton, although I have ventured once a year to places like PCR, Sun Valley, Vail, and Beaver Creek.  I want to change skis (mostly just for a change) and upgrade a bit if possible.  I've been thinking about Kastle (MX83), Head, Nordica, or another Blizzard.  Can you give me your best thoughts about these or any other suggestions you may have?  Thanks alot!

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Chances are you would really enjoy the MX83, a Head Supershape Titan (or Magnum), Nordica Firearrow CA, etc. A bit more performance and a bit more width than what you have but still great front side groomer skis.

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