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I had a question about adding a new ski to my quiver. I am currently on 2012 184cm Moment Bibby pros mounted with Marker Barons. I really love them and I ski them everyday... However, I dont want to always be beating the heck out of them cuz I really like them a lot and want them to last. So......
I was hoping for your help on a possibly deciding a second pair of sticks. One ski I am looking at in particular is the Icelantic Nomad. I have heard lots of good things about the company and the ski.
Is this ski something I could use everyday on groomers and in the moguls? Would there be to much overlap with my Bibbys? Also I know there are two different models the Nomad and the Nomad RKR. which would you recommend? I already have my Moments which are rockered so I was thinking about maybe getting the camber version.
Anyway thanks a lot for your help and any other suggestions would be appreciated!
My stats are East Coast 5 11 165lbs pretty aggressive skier I like doing a lot of tree skiing not really into the park. Thanks again!