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Skier weight and height compromise

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I am a beginner in the skate technique but I did recreational running on classic skis about 20 years ago. 
I will run only a few times in a month. I decided to take this skate skis:
My height is 179 cm and my weight is just 60kg. Manufacturer's recommendations on the length of the skis is 177-182cm depending on my weight. There is no information about the height of runner. Official dealer / consultant advised me length of 192cm!!!.
I was wondering what length is therefore suitable for me? What is the benefit of longer skies that override hardness of skis for my weight?
last time when I was running skate skis I was more dancing on a hard surface (frosted snow) and I'm afraid that It would be the same with the skis of length 192cm. I hope With shorter skis I would go better. 
Should I choose 192cm skis or 177-182cm?
Thanks for advise.
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You are 60 kg.  Fischer makes these things for you, and for people who weigh more than 90 kg.

If you should be using the 192, what should the 90 kg skier be using?   Sounds like the dealer is trying to get rid of his 192s.  Probably 182 would be better for you in the conditions you describe.

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Thanks for your reply.

I think I will make compromise between my weight and height and choose skis with the length of 187cm. 


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