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New all mountain ski for CO

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Hello. This seems like a good place to ask. I am looking for a new set of skis. I typically ski Winter Park and am currently using some outdated 1080's. I like to ski the glades, some tighter trees, and some high speed cruise runs on the groomers with short fast cuts. I want something that can handle all of that and some powder. Every store I go to has a different recommendation, which has left me lost. I have been suggested s3, S7, Atomic Blog, Kung fujas, Volkl Bridge's, and Rocker 2 92's among others. I was originally thinking of getting TST's but keep getting turned towards other skis. I am intermediate-advanced, 5'6 150lb. Any recommendation and explanation would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hmmm. Maybe this wasn't a good place to ask...

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Get the Breeze demo pass next year for about $225 Labor day weekend and try a bunch of skis.  Spend the season on as many different skis and lengths as possible and you'll find one you like.  My CO all-mountain ski is the Kendo which I just did a long post about, but it might be too stiff for you:




The best way to find your ski is to try lots of skis.  As you improve into an expert skier your ski preference will also change, so if it works logistically you might want to get a demo pass for several years in a row.  It's cheaper than buying skis for me over the long run, but it's a pain in the butt to stop and get skis each time.  Just don't do what most folks do: buy the wrong ski or length without demoing them and be on the wrong ski for the next 5 years!

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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I am in need of new skis sooner rather than later, so demoing a bunch isn't that great of an option for me. I think I am going to go ahead and get the TSTs and if I hate them, I will return for store credit and try something else.

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Welcome to EpicSki. The recommendations you've been given are all over the map, which makes me think that each one was just the current favorite of the person you were talking to. The TST is a great ski, at least from from what I've heard. There are two other skis you might want to consider that are dimensionally similar; Atomic Ritual, 103mm waist and Salomon Rocker2 105, 105mm waist. Both have camber and rocker. Worth checkng out.
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I spend 25-30 days a year at WP, primarily on Jane side and under Eagle Winds.  I'm 6'3"/205 and spend the vast majority of my time in the trees and bumps.  My daily driver is the S3.  Extremely happy with them.

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Buy a pair of Kastle FX94's and be done with it.  I currently have a quiver with 7 skis in it.  Opus, SFB's, Cochise, Prophet 100's., FX94's, LX82's and MX78's.  If I could only own one pair to do everything it would be the FX94's.  They might not be the best choice for snow above 16" but for everything else they are hands down my favorite skis.  I skied them 4 days at Alta/Snowbird and even skied them in 10" of new snow and they ripped.

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