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What ski & size do you recommend for me?

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I'm 42 years old, 5'11" and 200lbs.  About 25 years ago, I learned how to ski (at age 17) and skied MANY days that ski season.  For the next 10 years, I'd only ski some seasons (maybe 3-5 days) and not ski some seasons at all.  I was a solid intermediate/low-level advanced skier who really enjoyed the moguls and groomed terrain.  No real powder for me. 


This year, I just came back from 4 days of skiing after not skiing AT ALL for the last 15 years.  I felt good, but not back to where I used to be.  On this trip, I handled the blue runs (moguls or not) fairly well, but struggled a bit on the couple of black mogul runs that I did.  I still enjoy going reasonably fast (but in control for my skill level) and plan on taking some lessons and improving.  I skied on Salomon twenty twleve rental skis in size 163 for 2 days and then switched to the same skis in size 171 for the last 2 days.  Felt fairly similar to me. 


I also plan on skiing at least 5-6 days (1 ski vacation) per year from now on and I still enjoy mainly just groomed trails and mogul runs.  I used to ski on Volkls (size 195) back in the day, so I'm now looking at buying either Volkl RTM 77 or Volkl RTM 80 in the 171 or 176 size.  I would plan on keeping the skis for at least 5 or more years, so I want to have room to (hopefully) grow my skills into the skis.


Any thoughts you have on the right SKI & SIZE for me, I'd really appreciate. 



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I'm your size, I ski the Volkl AC40 in 170cm, my Kendos are 177cm. I would tell you the stay on the 171 until you improve your skills and want a wider ski then step up to the 177cm.


I find my 177's ski as easy as the 170's. The Kendos have a softer tip then the RTM's.


Oh yea. go wide 80 or 84 waist. A lot of us high end people in the east are on upper 80'upper 90's skis every day.

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As far as size, don't get so caught up with the minor detail or your brain will explode.  

The quick rental store estimation somewhere between your chin-forehead pretty much works for those that are not sure what size ski to go with.


If you get fat skis that have pronounced tip/tail rocker or twintip then go a bit longer-but at this point you should be an advanced/expert skier and will have a better feeling of what size ski you want.


As far as the SKI to get, there's too many variables and questions, but in general there aren't that many bad skis so you won't go too wrong.  You may just want to poke around to other people's posts on what skis they are buying.

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Thank you guys for the advice.  And raytseng, my brain DOES feel like it's going to explode! 

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