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Massanutten VA March 9-10

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There are going to be at least three Bears and tween cubs at Massanutten this weekend, March 9-10.  Any other Bear families in the DC, northern VA area are welcome to join the fun.  Will all be skiing Sun until mid-afternoon, with some skiing Sat daytime or late afternoon.  A few will go play in the waterpark for the Sat "twilight" session, which starts runs 5-10pm.


Mnut got 22 inches March 5-6.  Relatively cold daytime temps Thu and Fri will mean almost all the new snow, plus the manmade base, will make for great spring skiing this weekend.  Temps expected in the high 40's, low 50's.

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The high yesterday was about 34.  Right now it's 33 degrees.  So all the new snow will still be there Sat morning!


Everything but MAKattack was groomed yesterday.  Hoping they left the side of Paradice ungroomed like they did during the blizzard year.  The Mnut team coaches liked to take the kids on those little bumps.

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