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Volkl p60 GS Race Stock 180cm 04-05 - need boot center mark from tail

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Hello -


I've got some 04-05 P60 Race Stock GS skis (marked with Race Dept, also marked GC Racing, but in 180cm, so they're not the consumer GC Racing model), these are the >=21m.


One of my regular Atomic GS12 186cm sticks just decided to delaminate about 8" of edge behind the heel, so I'm digging the P60's out of the closet.  I don't see anything new that I like other than Atomic 24m 183cm D2's, and boy are they hard to get.  I'd rather wait until summer to replace my GS boards, many more deals then than now.  I'm doing USSA Masters and NASTAR, and I can ski a 27m ski, but they sure don't feel right for what I'm skiing.


Anyway the P60's have NO centermark.  No "I", no nothing, not on the topsheets, not on the sidewalls.


If someone has a Volkl reference manual, it may be in there.  I've seen some links out there for the 05-06 manual, but none work, nor should they, as some idiot like myself might actually be able to mount his bindings properly if he finds one.  Like I would ask my local ski shop to deal with this.....


I've made my best guess at a mount point, looking at some other skis in that length and the chord center and BOF method, and I was also somewhat limited by holes already in the ski.  I have a newer model Marker piston plate on there now, and I can move about 1" up if I need to.  I may be as far as 1" back from where I should eventually be, and I can always do it by feel if I have to.  Still, it would be so great to know where the mark should have been.


It would be really cool if anyone had the resources to look this one up, though - just to see where I stand with my current mount.  I don't have the measurement on me, will update this when I do.  78.5cm from tail currently using the rearmost of the 3 toe positions on the marker plate comes to mind, but I'm not 100% on that.


Racetiger 05-06 or 06-07 and 07--08 may be the same.  I know that factory marks often aren't what we end up using, but it's nice to know where it was supposed to be....


If you have ANY GS ski in a 180cm, I'd be interested in how far your center mark is from the tail.  Rockered skis need not apply.


Thanks in advance



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05 Equipe 10 2V. Factory mounted Salomon/Hangl/Pilot(but not a "true" pilot plate. 31 7/8 inches.

Same ski but a "Lab" and a different plate. 32 1/8"

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Hmmm.  so I'm at 30.9" on the P60's.  I can go up 1" by moving to the frontmost of the 3 Marker plate positions (I'm in the back one now).  Of course, we're on totally different skis, and it's apples to oranges, but somehow I feel better.  If I was wrong, I want to be wrong up to 1" back of where I should be.


I'll ski them on a NASTAR course tomorrow and bring a screwdriver.  I can move em up right there if I don't like what I feel.  21m skis with nice thick edges are tough to find these days.  I don't care if these are ugly.  Atomic 1018's and X-Series bindings are SO much easier to experiment with....





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Have you tried contacting Volkl?
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Did you check the sidewall?

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Yep.  Nothing on the sidewall.  No "I" no markings at all.  These are race stock, and they probably came with a Marker plate on them (different mounting for an 04 or 05 plate, and it's long gone).  Why put a center mark on there if there's plates on there already?  I guess that was their thinking.


I skied them today for about 8 runs of NASTAR, moving the toes to the middle position after half the runs .  I had decent times in the first spot (rear of 3 toe positions), 3 of 4 times within about 1/10 of a second - 22.70s, but I suspected I might be a tad back.  I moved to the middle position, maybe 1cm up, and they felt great and turned on a dime.  I skied almost exactly the same times (again within the same 1/10th of a second or so, but one that was 3/10's faster.  If they felt that much better and skied maybe better, then I'm done.


Keep in mind that these plates were NOT mounted according to the estimated boot center - they were mounted according to where there were spots without any nearby holes on the skis....while keeping them near where they are probably supposed to be mounted normally. 


Boot center with a 26.5 (306mm) boot for me is 30-7/8", roughly 78.5cm, from the tail on these 180cm Volkl P60 21m race stock GS skis.


Supposedly that's a smidge behind where it would be calculated using chord center method.  I had a tech measure them and do my edges, and that's what he said, anyway.  If it works, it works.  I'd be curious to see what the real boot center is supposed to be, but I've nailed it as far as what I prefer.


No I did not call Volkl.  Nobody wants to talk to some do-it-yourselfer like myself who fiddles around with old stuff.  I don't know of any ski company that pays for support people to take calls from people like me.  "Consult you local ski shop".  Or not. 





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I've made a few e-mails to some ski companies. They were rather responsive.
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