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Whiteface conditions?

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I'm doing the Boston Ski Club bus trip up to Whiteface, NY the weekend of March 16th / 17th.


It's been about 15 years since I was last there, and the only thing I really remember about Whiteface is that it's nicknamed Iceface.


What are conditions like there this year?  Should I bring the carvers, or are there enough bumps / easy trees to bring something a bit more versatile?  It looks like the slides aren't open.


If anybody will be there and wants to make a few runs, shoot me a PM.

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I skied whiteface last weekend and conditions were good.  The slides and several of the best glade areas were closed.  If had snowed but also rained the week before.  Conditions were best higher up on the mountain.  There are several mogul runs most of which had significant icy sections.  Snow coverage was very good overall.


Runs are long with lots of steep optoins.  You’ll have a great time, enjoy.

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I'm headed there too.  Weather is supposed to be in the mid-40's.  Hopefully that should alleviate some of the icey moguls...

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