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First, about me:  Used to ski a lot on groomed trails from 12-25 yo (mostly midwest...yeah, I know)  Pre 1200s, Look 77 bindings and Hanson boots, if you want the full time-capsule image.  Used to hunt down moguls with gusto, do a little casual slalom racing & loved the steep stuff.


I hadn't skied until last year when I went with my 12 yo several times.  I really enjoyed it, but I was floored by how I was still a 20 yo hotdog in my head, but my body didn't agree whatsoever.  Steep stuff just wasn't fun any more; I found myself stopping to catch my breath halfway down, and it hurt going down.  But my form was OK, and I had none of those problems on the more casual slopes. THEY were really enjoyable.  Perhaps the extra 60 lbs I'm now carrying had a LITTLE to do with that, and maybe as I ski more I'll go for more challenging stuff again, but I'm fine being a 50 yo groomer-cruiser (who is 5'9", 190 lbs).


I was renting, but now want to buy the best, modern skis I can get for $200 or less on Craigslist.  Pickings were OK, but some were too aggressive, some were too beginner-ish.  But low & behold, there's a young guy who gets new skis every year for his trips out west put up two pairs of 170cm skis, the aforementioned Rossi Carbon 82s and Zenith Z-10s.  Both are less than 2 years old and only a little more than my price range.  Talking to him, he seemed to think that the Carbon 82s would be a better fit for my needs & skills...the more forgiving, less aggressive of the two.


But reading the reviews, I'm not so sure that's the case, so I'm here to ask for some expert opinions.  The Zenith's are a better deal; a newer, more expensive ski for the same price as the Carbon 82s.  But they were used by the 'kid', while the Carbons were used by his dad, which makes me think they'll be in better shape...and this adds a little more credence to his suggestion.


What do you think?


Thanks for your help!