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Back Protector

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Had a nasty crash last week and landed on my back and I am pretty sore. So now I have been looking into back protectors. I race mostly GS. Anyone recommend a lightweight protector that I could wear under a GS suite?

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I use the slytech Kevlar. It contours to the shape of your back with body heat as designed. I find it more comfortable than the turtle shell carrera I used to wear fwiw.
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If you are looking for a "soft" body molding one, take a look at the POC VPD. I have switched now to the Ortema,custom made for the wc guys,and you really do not even know you are wearing it. I thought the POC was excellent but the Ortema blows it away. Not sure how easy they are to get hold of though. I found the sly tech just too bulky for me. One not often mentioned benefit of the "soft" ones is that they also help keep you warm under a suit and keep the heat in your back muscles For the hard shell ones I would also highly recommend the POC. I used it for a couple of seasons and wore it in tech events as well as speed without issues. I do have an as new POC VPD available if you are interested.
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My vote goes to Dainese. You have whole lot to choose from (soft or hard), and considering their main business is moto industry, I would assume they know something about protection :) Even when looking on WC, I would say most of racers use their protection (when it comes to back protectors not helmets etc.), even if they are not sponsored by them.

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