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What length Atomic 9.12/SL9?

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Hi. I am 5 foot 9, 150 lbs, and just getting into racing. What size of ski should I go with if I choose the SL9/9.12? I want a ski that is fun on any groomed as well as a tool in the gates. Also, what is the performance difference between these two models?
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The atomic SL9 is simply the 2002/2003 model of the 9.12. there are several differences, check them out on atomicsnow.com i will be skiing the SL9 this year. I am 5'11" ,weigh 160, and race competetivly. DEFINATLEY go witht the 160 cm.
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If your heart is set on Atomic, go with the SL11. That's what Atomic has designated as their sl race ski and skis completely different than the SL9. The 9.12/SL9 is the recreational slalom model, just as Fischer offers the SL and a dialed down version. I think the 9.12 feels very sterile and heavy. I'd happily add it to my quiver for free skiing but would not even consider it for the gates.

If you are only planning of racing it and using it on perfect groomers, you might as well go with a 155. Don't go longer than 160. 160 is the "default" length on sl skis.
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For slalom, I suggest using the common length of your competitors. This season minimum lengths under the FIS rules are 150cm for women, and 155cm for men. Most slalom skiers use as close to the minimum without going below, and using the same length allows your skis to follow the same rut line. The problem about choosing a length now is that next year FIS has mandated a new minimum length for both male and female (165cm and 155cm respectively). This now throws a wrench into the mix if you want to race on the skis next year, since the proper length this year will be too short next.

Tough choice, but this length change was done by FIS and not the manufacturers.
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My son, a race coach, has last years 9.12s in his quiver of skies. I skied all of last year on the SL9.16s. Hopefully I'll have some new SL 11's soon!.

If your looking for a ski that will be raced and than skied all day, I'd go with the SL11s. I borrow my son's 9.12s for few hours of great trench carving. Tons of fun! But I'm usually glad to get back on my 9.16s for the rest of the day.
The 9.16s and their replacement SL11s are very stable at fairly high speeds, extremely quick turning and hold ice as if it wasn't even there. For this "eastern" skier, the SL9.16/SL11 can't be beat.

Oh, I'm 5'8" and ski a 160cm length. Since I'm not a racer I don't have to worry about the new pending lenght rules.My new skies will probobly be 155s.

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