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Skis have about 6ish days on them and most were not full resort days. These have huge tips and tails with camber. 139-112-130 17 meter turn radius.

160 Moment Pika - Same as the Ruby but with a much cuter topsheet. Mounted once for Salomon 610 bindings as pictured for a 286 +/- a mm or two. Mounted for a 286mm Boot sole length 24.0 mondo. $180 for the skis, $70 for the bindings with the nearly brand new wide brakes. Knock off $20 if you'll take a home bend brake job.  I'll ship as cheap as possible, $20-30 lately via USPS parcel.   No topsheet damage other than normal usage. No base damage. These have about 20 hours of usage on them. Factory tune etc.....

Would trade towards a 170ish twin, stiffer all mountain ski for my son or a cheaper beacon. Some small colorful men's pants for the kid or a low usage 59cm helmet could also work in trade.

Don’t be fooled by the cute name, this ski can rip.
The crew at Moment made the Pika Women’s Ski for ladies who charge as hard as the she-shredders of their native Sierra range. Humbled by girls like in-house team rider Jackie Paaso, Moment’s ski makers know that the fairer sex demands boards just as burly as the boys do. Rocking a versatile Aspen / pine core and 112mm underfoot, the Pika comes looking for pow, but ready for everything else. This ski’s minimal camber and medium flex feel soft and floaty in the light and white, but solid on hard pack and groomers. UHMW sidwalls resist damage from thin cover and lurking rocks, while the triax fiberglass weave provides a responsive feel.





More pics here: