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Trip to Snowbasin UT

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The morning after a full days dump at Snowbasin we pulled into snowbasins overflow lot and what a royal shit show they can run.or perhaps train wreck would be a better description.

We almost  were blockaded into our spot for the unknown amount of duration with only to having to catch a return flight to indy that same afternoon.

 So after conveying our disappointment the to GM and not being able to get onto the mountain with this whole situation to snowbasin this was their response :


Thank you for your e-mail in reference to your experience at Snowbasin on Sunday, February 24th. We always appreciate our guest’s feedback and we consider each comment to be valuable. Our first consideration at Snowbasin is the safety of our guests. Our parking lots are designed to allow for two rows of parking in the center of each lot, as well as along the sides. As you discovered, it is possible for guests to leave at their convenience even when the lots are full.  You mentioned safety concerns on the mountain. Please be aware that our uphill mountain capacity on our lifts is 19,000 skiers per hour. Even on our busiest days, we rarely have a lift line longer than ten minutes. Once you are on the mountain, you will often find that there are no lift lines on the upper lifts, and very little congestion on the slopes. We are pleased to hear that you plan to return to Utah again, and we hope that you will include Snowbasin in your plans.  

Vickie Harris | Executive Assistant to John Loomis, General Manager | Snowbasin ResortT: 801-620-1047 | M: 801-710-6803 | F: 801-620-1314 | PO Box 460, Huntsville, Utah 84317

(Our response to the snowbasin gm)


Ms. Harris,
Just reading a guest's comments doesn't improve your parking lot
situation at Snowbasin. In addition to two rows of cars being
instructed to park, there was an additional row directly behind our
car which was in the second row. There wasn't enough space between the
rows to exit the parking lot which was error #1 and error #2 parking
cars directly behind us which essentially blocked us into the lot.

Thank you for the stats on the volume your mountain will safety
occupy......we never got to the mountain because of the unsafe parking
situation didn't allow for it. As skiers were putting gear on with
little children running around as additional cars of course were being
instructed to park.

We will inform all of our fellow affiliates of the experience we had
at Snowbasin so they don't waste their time or resources at your

Caring about a guest's safety begins before they occupy the mountain
and even your staff informed us they weren't prepared and were not
staffed appropriately.

There is no incentive for us to return to Snowbasin and if executive
management has your philosophy regarding the skiers who occupy your
mountain then there are many weak links from the top filtering


So to conclude our story we wont be returning to the train wreck we experienced and shall shred and drop some major cash elsewhere.  


FYI -we loved solitude especially skiing down from the summit was AMAZING !! best part of our trip !!! 

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You should go to Colorado from now on, they've got much better parking...

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I wasn't there on the day referenced but, in fairness to the OP, Snowbasin does seem to have problems on big powder mornings (particularlly when the Cottonwoods are closed) with their parking lots.  Before an injury put me on the DL, I had two midweek powder days this year where I had to wait what seemed like forever (probably no more than 20 minutes) in line of cars to get parked.  I also understand that February 24 was the biggest single day skier count wise in Snowbasin history. 


It only happens occasionally but it seems like some thought should be given on how to better handle the situation in the future. On the vast majority of days, the current system works well.

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I was there that day ... and was able to pull right up to the front row to park (for free, no less).  We planned ahead and got there at about 8:45, so it was no problem.  All was good.


And the lift lines were only busy till about 9:30.  After that, JP was about 2 minutes and the Tram was about 10 - 15.

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Really, this is what you took away from your ski trip? I can't even understand how a parking issue could possibly cause you to miss a full day of skiing?! 


That was the busiest day I've seen in five years of skiing at Snowbasin. I also heard rumor that it was the busiest day ever. It was a perfect storm: Snowbasin got more snow than southern resorts after a rather dry period, it was an absolutely beautiful, sunny powder Sunday (best of the season, probably) and CC closures forced half the Salt Lake valley there. 


Snowbasin has more than enough parking for 99 percent of days. That was the first day I've ever seen them open the parking lot to the left as you approach the resort. The lower lot straight ahead as you turn left into the resort is not usually open outside of holidays. Usually the upper lot and far lower lot are the only ones that are in use, and they're not usually full. 


In other words, you picked a bad day to show up. Using that as the sole basis of your analysis is foolish - like people that show up on opening night of a restaurant and complain about crowds and poor service. Snowbasin doesn't have an ongoing parking problem. FWIW, other resorts experience the same issues on busy days. Solitude, which you loved so much, is no exception. I've been there when the lot was full and everyone was left to go line the sides of the road or go somewhere else. And I received a big parking ticket because it's illegal to park there.


But please tell all your friends (and their friends' friends' friends) to avoid it. 

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could have been waiting, stuck on Wasatch Blvd (like me that morning) - just saying.smile.gif

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  The same thing sorta happened to me once at Mt Snow in Vermont but if the skiing was to be epic after a dump like that why would you be concerned about getting out, no reason to get to the car til 4pm on a day like that no?  By then which is what happened to me the parking lot emptied out a little bit enough to move my car without needing a spotter.. And as you this was the only time that ever happened at that resort in 10trips but it certainly wouldnt have kept me from skiing especially after i just drove 120miles from CT.

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Our bad as rookie Utah vacationers......we had a plane to catch at 3:00PM so we spent 2hrs trying to get up the mountain and finally took an alternate route and really hoped for 1 last time of shredding the Utah POW. We had a fabulous time in Utah....it was beautiful countryside, the skiing was EPIC and the people couldn't have been nicer!! So it was just a bummer that we ended our trip stuck in the parking lot and couldn't get on the mountain.


My girlfriend and I loved skiing the vast acres of terrain.....and we will certainly return. Thanks for the insight and support along with constructive criticism and remedies for our next outing.


Peace Outduel.gif

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Maybe not as much due to "rookie Utah vacationers" but more due to "the perfect storm" (pun intended). 


As was mentioned, Snowbasin received over 2 feet of snow the previous 48 hours and was reporting the most new snow overnight.  Combine that with bluebird conditions and road closures in LCC/BCC on Sunday morning, and it all adds up to one big mess.


It sucks that you had to fight parking issues rather than getting one last day of skiing in before leaving Utah.  I really think you would have liked Snowbasin had you been able to try it.

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