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Ok to cut the to the chase im very tempted buy either Praxis GPO's or RX (would be with Carbon lay up), Moment Bibby Pro's or ON3P Wrens in 190+ as my go to non piste ski.  I have shop version Salomon GS skis for the piste so im used to a burly damp ski that will lay tracks down etc.


What I want to know to truthfully is how well these compare to the bring brand offerings I have been looking at in Europe (Volkl Katana, Rocker2 115, and Atomic Automatic in 193).  From what I have read they should suit my style well but I would like to give something different a go, esp the ON3P Wrenagde.  They seem to offer skis in a size that I want while many of the others stop short at sub 190.