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FX 94....Playful? Looking for comparison between kendo and this ski

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Ok so I know the FX94 has been praised as one of the best one ski quivers one could own but I want to know if it is also a playful, somewhat easy going ski. I often have read that it is considered a very technical ski but is it playful or at least significantly more playful than what i am currently skiing.


About me:


5' 9 145lbs 33yrs old athletic have been skiing since i was 7.


I live on the east coast and ski mostly hunter and windham with occasional trips to stratton, killington, and stowe. I currently ski a 2010-11 kendo in a 170. my previous ski was a 2002 blizzard Fxp-ti


I would say I am an advanced skier. I am somewhat of a balance between finesse and aggressive. Sometimes I enjoy bombing down the mountain and other times I enjoy taking my time and making as many turns as I can. I can ski double blacks aggressively; I am not yet able to zipperline moguls, but I have never really had a ski that was really ideal for skiing moguls. When they are soft i can ski them at decent speed, but on the icy large ones i have to definitely take my time.

I live for the trees, however I don't get to spend as much time as I would like in the trees due to where I ski. The reality is that most my time is spent on the groomers. I don't really go into the park, but if it is on the route I am taking i will sometimes hit a tabletop or two. I do enjoy getting air of off any natural features and will drop off a cliff or two as long as it is not in excess of 10' or so.  I love my Kendo's but I spend alot of my time skiing with my wife (who is an intermediate at best) and my six year old daughter who is still learning. I am looking for a ski that is a little softer than the Kendo, better at slower speeds, easier in the trees, and that will help me progress on moguls. I also do not want to give up too much performance on the groomers.  Would the FX 94 in a 176 fit the bill? Also if anyone knows of anywhere to that offers demos near hunter, windham, or on Long Island that would be appreciated as well.


Also should i be looking at the 176 or 166- the Kendo i have is 170 and i have never felt like i needed any more length; however my prior ski (blizzark fxp-ti 7.0) was 158 and they were ok at most speeds but definitely had a speed limit and felt nowhere near as stable as my kendos at speed or in choppy snow.


Thank you

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I demo'd the FX94 in Whistler few weeks back and loved the ski. I found there really wasn't a condition it didn't excel or meet expectation (took them into the trees, moguls, crud, etc). I personally felt they gave good feedback when you made a mistake like a slight nudge compared to the MX88's which would kick me in the butt when I made a mistake. If I didn't have a ski in that range I'd have bought them right away as I really liked them.


I skied the 176cm as a 5'6 130 pound individual (advanced skier) and didn't have a problem with the length as they felt very easy to ski in all the conditions so I wouldn't expect going bigger to be a problem.

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Yes the FX 94 is playful and easygoing, but it also performs at a very high level.  It'll handle anything you throw at it, it's extremely versatile.  The only place the Kendo may outshine it is on serious hardpack, which of course is what you'll see a lot of in the Northeast.  I'm 5'6" and 145 lbs, skiing on the 166, and very happy.  I do like shorter radius turns. Quite stable at speed even in the shorter length. 


I bought them for soft snow/3D Eastern days and as a one-quiver Western ski.  So far only used them 3 out of about 25 days back East.  I use slalom boards for most NE conditions.


You won't be disappointed.


(Caveat: I'm comparing current FX94s I own to Kendos I demoed about 3 years ago)

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Well, I'll take a yes and no here. Own FX94's in 176, definitely super versatile, Kastle-precise, and strongest in bumps and trees. Stiffish but not silly-stiff, can get deviated a bit at speed in crud or ruts, and good but not great in edge hold on ice, so not sure your "bombing" comment points at these. OTOH, very very nice in soft snow, doesn't plane up well but has a very light, responsive initiation, so not a big deal if you can't see much of the tip. And fairly light, so don't wear your legs out. Think light fresh and chop in the trees, gradually turning into bumps. Dawcatching has some very reliable reviews of these in Member's Gear Reviews. IMO they're among the very best 90-100 mm out there, and prolly the best in trees, period.


These do it all better than almost any ski I know, but they won't do a particular thing better than some competitors might. So depends on what your priorities are, huh?

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thanks for the comments. Pretty much covered what i was looking for. I am not planning on getting rid of the kendos anyway so if it is really firm i can use those. My main priority is something that will be better in trees, bumps, slower speeds on the groomers for when i am with the wife and kids, and won't wear my legs too much. Sounds like these will fit the bill. Now all I got to do is get my wife on board and try to find some used demos when the season is over.


Thanks for the insight

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I think you'd be better off looking at the BMX98. The main thing that the FX94 does better is handle speed, the main thing that the BMX does better is trees and bumps, and it's fine on groomers when you keep the speed down.

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