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First year skiing, are my skis too short?

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Hey everyone, so this is my first year skiing I started out with a few lessons and have really begun to pick it up, I rented my skis and boots from a local shop, they gave me skis that are 150cm in length as they were out of anything longer.  I am 5'11" and weigh about 145, they also told me these would be easier to learn on.  They seems to be fine on most green trails where the terrain is not too steep however I have encountered several situations where the terrain does become steeper and I begin to pick up quite a bit of speed and at this point they begin to shake and become unstable.  I also have more difficulty turning at higher speeds when they are like this, it has also caused me to fall at least twice each time I ski.


I was wondering if I would see any improvement with a longer ski?  My dad is my height and he uses a ski length of 186cm. 

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Yes. ................... I started on 150's under the guidance of "easier to turn on" as opposed to "thats all we have". That worked fine for me for about 2 yrs, but as you get more confident with the turns you start to let the speed pick up and then you experience that instability you're feeling - from the leverage your 71" applies to short skis. Give something in the mid 160's to 170's a try as a next ski and go from there.
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Welcome to EpicSki.  Without knowing what kind of skis your dad uses, it's hard to say much about the length of his skis.  But, my guess is that they are either full rocker skis or fairly old straight skinny skis.  In either case, the length that works for him is irrelevant for you.  Part of your problem is technique.  You say you started with a "few" lessons, but you don't offer much in the way of explanation about how you ski.  Are you doing wedge turns, stem turns or parallel turns?  I know a guy who is probably 6'1" and weighs over 200 pounds who skis on 155cm Atomic slalom race skis.  He skis very fast, but he can also ski very slowly down steep pitches by controlling the turn shape.  That is extreme and he's toast in bumps or any amount of fresh snow over about 6".  Next time you rent skis, rent some that are 160 or just a bit longer.  Get used to that length and then step up to about 170.  My son is 6' and about 155-160 pounds and he skis on 178cm skis.  His skis have an early rise tip so they ski a bit shorter than "old school" 178s do.  Also, if you're not yet making parallel turns, take some more lessons until you are.  Chances are you are "in the back seat" when you're skiing which takes pressure off the front of the ski which does reduce stability. This is really common problem with beginning skiers and now is the best time to correct it.

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