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Originally posted by Rio:
Carvemeister -
At your size and considering you earlier claim to be the fastest skier on the hill
Oh come on now Rio! I never said I was the fastest. I may be the fattest however. And what I actually said is THIS...
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Geoff Prescott

check out buy sell & swap altabound has some k2 axis x 174 cm that should do you fine, I have bought skis from him & it will be a hard deal to beat, do a search a lot to read on this ski.
good luck bteddy
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Carvemeister, if you think the Axis X felt lifeless, there's only a few things that can explain that.

1) you were too heavy for the size you skied

2) you didn't ski them long enough to get a feel for the pressure sequence necessary to coax a big rebound from the ski

Since I have no reason to doubt your skiing abilities, I'm betting that the reason was (1).

Sometimes, the "overhyped" skis actually live up to the hype. I thought so with the Axis X and with the ski I owned before, the Salomon X-Scream Series. Both have a pronounced "pop" that feels quite energetic - more so than the other midfats in the same waist width class. However, the pressure sequences needed to release the "pop" are not necessarily the same you might use on another ski that has lots of power along its entire length -- i.e., Volkl Vertigo G30/31/3/Motion.

Of course, there's always the chance that I just like the Axis X and X-Scream Series "flavors" and you don't. That's the subjective, opinion side of the story. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I am 5'10" tall and weigh 155. I ski off the groomed trails all the time. I am a intermediate/expert level skier. What length K2 Mod X skis should I buy?
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I see that you have skied both X-Scream Series and Axis X. The X-Scream in 179cm is my current favourite, but not cheap in my area. The K2's are more affordable so I'm trying to decide between Axis or Axis X in 174cm. With your experience of both K2 and Salomon skis, which of the K2's do you think would be the best for me?
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Geoff -

I've skied all three (though the Axis was the Mod 7/8 when I tried it). Hands down, the Axis X is more versital than the X-Scream or Axis. The Axis has a wider tip and softer flex than the Axis X which makes it great for quick turns in soft snow but not nearly as good as the Axis X on groomers or at speed. The Axis X is good in powder but really shines in crud and windpack. In my opinion it is a way better ski for groomed conditions than the X-Scream. It carves much better and is more forgiving in the moguls. If you can, demo the Axis in both the 174 cm and 181 cm. It is a predictable, fairly forgiving ski that doesn't need to be skied real short.

[ December 11, 2002, 12:29 PM: Message edited by: Rio ]
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The Salomon and K2 feel quite different. Salomons feel energetic all the time, and the energy feels pronounced when you weight the ski properly and load the tail.

K2s feel damp until you unleash the energy.

The Axis X is a better ski for soft snow, while the X-Scream Series is better (but still not great) on ice and hardpack. I'd like to say this is due to the 2mm extra waist width on the Axis X, but I think it's more the lack of a metal sheet on the Axis X, while the X-Scream Series has titanal sheets.

They're both very fun skis, and if you ski softer snow, either would be a great choice. The Axis is better in moguls and in crud, but they're poorer on hard snow.

This means I disagree somewhat with Rio on the hard snow performance.

I've never skied the plain vanilla Axis (formerly Mod 7/8), but I know it's a more forgiving ski. I would not pick either one for you, because I think you should demo them both and go with your favorite between the two.

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Gonz -

I haven't skied the X-Scream on ice or hard snow so I can't comment on their performance there. When I was referring to groomed snow I was talking about normal west coast groomed snow (I skied all three on Mt. Ashland in Oregon).
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well then... I agree with you, Rio. I prefer the Axis X for soft groomed snow -- but not by a lot, as it's not quite as adept at varying turn shape mid-turn. The Axis X feels much more GS than the X-Scream Series, which feels like a fattened-up slalom ski.
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Got out for the first time this year yesterday on my new Axis X's. As the day went on my smile just kept growing with each run down. For me the X's did everything I wanted, short,medium,long turns and also very stable. And I don't know if this makes any sense but they seemed to ski shorter than there 181cm length. Anyway I'm still smiling from ear to ear and can't wait to get them out to Montana later this winter. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] stoked about my X's
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ski for fun:
Good to hear you're enjoying your new boards. I know what you mean about the Axis X seeming to ski shorter than it's stated length. When I demoed the Elan X-2000 (183) back-to-back with the Bandit X (184) the Bandit felt much shorter and lighter than the Elan. I also find the Scream 10 Pilot in 186cm easier to handle than the Volkl G3 in 177cm. We talk about length a lot but all in all it's probably the least important of a ski's characteristics.
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