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Three Atomics,2 days and One Old Fart Skier

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Before I sold all my invintory of Atomic skis, I thought I had better at least do my own domo day. First I'm 52 5'8" about 190 lbs I pretty much ski The whole mountain.When taking a lession they always put me in a level 8 class. I still ski bumps and truthfuly enjoy them.
Here are the 3 skis I demoed. The Atomic Betaride 10:20,11:20 and R:ex. Both the 11:20 and The R:ex have gotten rave reviews as superb all mountain skis. I'm going to add my voice to the raves. Both skis have a hunger for speed. Roll Them on edge and enjoy the ride. They both favor a long to medium turn shape. It took a few runs to get a feel for doing short swing turns. The small bit of junk cut up snow I found was no match for either ski. They felt solid and secure. Niether ski felt at home in the small bumps, however the R:ex seemed to have a better feel for them then the 11:20. If you could have only one ski then the 11:20 would be a good ski to add to your list of skis to demo. The R:ex would also make a good one ski quiver but I would want something in my ski bag to go along with the R:ex. This brings me to the 10:20. The 10:20 also has a vary secure feel something that Atomic seems to do vary well. It doesn't have all the big mountain feel of the R:ex or the 11:20.But what it does have is versitility! This ski really does do it all. Sure you have to turn it down a notch in crud and it may have a speed limit under the 11:20 but it would take a better skier then me to really find that limit. For bumps this ski outshines both the R:ex and the 11:20 I think a lot of skiers would be vary happy with this excellent fun ski. The two atomics I'm keeping are the R:ex and The 10:20 These two should cover just about anything and everything on the Mountain.
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Great Review!

However, what sizes did you try?
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Opps you caught that did Ya? Well I was skiing the 11:20 and 10:20 in a 170! Seemed kinda short untill I got on them. My K2 ModX is a 181 Setting The atomics on edge Letting them run in big long arcs on the groomed I didn't feel that they were to short at all! they had a wonderful feel for the snow. Great snow contact.They never felt like they were folding or getting skiddish under my 195 lbs. They didn't feel that way at all! In fact the shortness was an asset in Bumps. Now the R:ex is a 177 and feels just right to me. I demoed the 184 last season and really liked that ski.In a wider All Mountain ski the only ski I liked more in a Big Mountain style ski was the Fischer BigStick 84 in a 181. To be honest if I had found a deal on the 84 I would have bought them. Don't get me wrong I'm vary happy with these Atomics. The 177 seems to have the agility of the Bigstick The Atomic has a slighly heavier feel then the Bigstick.With the 177 Im nott lossing all that much in the way of the secure feeling of the longer 184 R:ex.
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Excellent review!! Your review has helped ease my mind on my 180 10.20's that I got at the end of last season that STILL havn't been used. Soon, very soon....
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Artimus, If I were to have only one Atomic 10:20 Then I would also be on a 180. For years the 10:20 was Atomics flagship ski in the Ride Line up. The 11:20 and 10:20 have a lot in common. As I said in my opinion The 10:20 is a more versatile ski then the 11:20
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nice review, U49. very nice. thanks.
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my feelings are same as to the 10:20 & 11:20 ... like em both lots


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Thanks for the review. I gotta say I liked the 11.20's every where even in the bumps.

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I was out on my NEW 11:20's yesterday, they were everything I hoped they would be. I got them in 170. I'm 5-11 and 200 lbs and was worried they might be too short but they are GREAT. Have to echo what everyone else has said. Had no problems with them in the bumps.

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I'm also an old fart.
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Finally got a chance to try out my new Atomic 11.20's for a couple of days at Whistler. Conditions were hard pack on the groomers and light to heavy crud off piste. Being light weight (140lbs) I was a little worried that the 11.20's might be a bit stiff for me, so I got them in a 160. I'm 5'6" so could have gone to a 170 but wanted the shorter length for versatility.

The 11.20's fantastic! Great hold on the hard pack and busts through the crud like it was soft fresh powder. On the groomers you could really feel the free flexing plate at work. The skis cut nice round arcs and were incredibly stable at speed. On the steeps and in the bowls, I couldn't believe stable they felt. No amount of crud was any match for these skis. The short length made the ski exceptionally responsive for short turns and no problems in the bumps (contrary to reviews I've read).

I also had a chance to play with the binding positions using the varizone settings on the Atomic bindings. When I had the binding set to the most forward position, it was very close to being centered to my ball of foot. I also found it to be the most preferable position. The more forward setting make the ski feel like a completely different ski. It was much more responsive and initiated turns with ease.

I also had a chance to demo the Crossmax 10 (the wife's) and Bandit XX (in 170's) back to back. The Bandit felt very damp and unresponsive (boring) in compared to the 11.20's and Crossmax. I was a bit surprised how boring the XX's were, especially after seeing all the rave reviews on them. The Crossmax was the better carver on the groomers of the 3 skis, but didn't perform like as well off piste as the others.

The 11.20's was the more versatile of the bunch (on and off piste). I'm certainly happy with my choice.
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Got a good deal on Tenex (Last year R:EX) on eBay and skied it on christmas and new year at Tahoe. Conditions - powder, cut up crud, soft bumps. I am 5'6" and 122 lbs, so ski lenght I got is 167cm. Loved this ski - as it was mentioned, it loves to go fast. Was using xcream series before and have noticed that they require too much work compared to tenex, so now I can ski with less fatigue. It was surprisingly OK in bumps, although I am very mediocre bump skier. Awesome in pow - lots of flotation and very forgiving (again, comparing to xcreams). However, in tight trees seems to be a bit awkward...but one can not have everything perfect, I guess.
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