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Volkl 2014 rtm 84

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Is there any changes to the ski ( other than the slight graphics change)?
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I was told by the Volkl rep at Snowbasin a couple weeks ago that the ski is unchanged, other than graphics.  I tried them and was totally amazed at their performance.

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FWIW, you may want to demo the Kendo too, they were a nice step up from my AC40's.


I found the RTM with the rocker to search and follow the uneven snow surface.


My buddy who is on this year Mantra's had to learn to lighten up his edge pressure, or they would over turn them and send him over the handlebars.


My Kendos are the first year, on rocker, just a softer tip that is great in the bumps and uneven snow. Oh they are very light too.

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