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yeah, its a pain in the butt to keep bringing a bike back and forth. Since I am up there more and more, I thought it just made sense. I love my Ibis and really enjoy riding it in NJ, I demoed a trance last fall up at the boat and loved it and thought it climbed better and was so nice on the flowy stuff.  I really got an incredible deal and was just looking at the time but the boys at Steamboat bike made me the proverbial offer I couldn't refuse. biggrin.gif

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I was going to recommend the Stan's 29er gold medal wheels they held up better under my wife than the arches did(Stan's did her a great warranty+$ switch) she uses them as her everyday wheels (and I steal them when she is not using them ) and some enve's(decaled as specialized) as race wheels plus uses the enve's on her crossbike in the fall. All of the Stan's rims are miles ahead for holding beads on at low pressure. The hubs on the gold medal wheels just seem frictionless; we are waiting for new free hub bodies to go XX1.

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