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Volkl Supersport T50 5 Star Review

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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: Supersport T50 5 Star
Ski Length: 175
Snow Conditions Used In: Early season; 2-3" fresh snow, icy base
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25
Your Height/Weight: 6'0" 220lbs


These skis lived up to their reputation. They ski smooth but are very responsive [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] . I skied on them this past weekend at Killington in some typical early season conditions with icy spots in the middle of the trails and soft snow and bumps on the edges. It took me a run or so to get used to the shorter length (I used to ski on 198 Rossi Mountain Vipers). Because of the shorter length the skis were very quick with a very low swing weight but at speed they didn't feel unstable. I was able to pop off short turns in soft bumps with no problem and could easily carve long and short turns with nice easy hip angulation. Contrary to other reviews I did not find the skis to be grabby, they seemed responsive but easily controlled. On steep icy sections the edges held extremely well and short slalom turns were a ton of fun as I watched snowboarders sliding on their asses as they tried to turn on the ice .
These skis were much more versatile than I expected and certainly live up to the hype. For a young ex-racer like myself who still likes the precision and power of a race ski but needs something a little more versatile, these skis are perfect.
A quick note about the bindings: their best feature is the dial for sole length adjustment, this allows the skis to be adjusted to any boot (as long as you pay attention to the small forward pressure indicator below the release tension adjustment on the heel). I think the basic motion setup (binding on rails for free flex) contributes to the smooth feeling of the ski.
If anyone out there has any specific questions, I'll keep checking this thread to see what comes up.
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Good review! I am glad good reports keep coming in about the 5 stars. Mine just arrived at my local shop and I should be picking them up after thanksgiving!

I just wanted to clarify(make sure) that these skis are stable at high speeds and hold well on steep, icy blacks. seems as though they do!

I'll get a review up also as soon as I get a chance to ski them!
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I just skied the Supersports again last night at a small mountain near Boston (Wachusett). The conditions were great; hardpacked man made snow with a dusting of loose man made snow on top. The skis performed very well at high speeds especially in long sweeping GS turns. I was also very impressed by their ability to handle short carved turns, providing just the right amount of rebound to initiate a new turn with a minimum of body movement, just let the skis cross under your hips and roll into the new turn.
Because these skis are much shorter than my old ones I am able to ski without cranking my boot buckles as tight as they can go, the shorter length/lighter weight also meant that I was able to ski harder and longer with less fatigue.
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NEracerex, I just skied the 5 star yesterday at demo day at Hunter. I weigh 230 and skied a 175 (longest they had available). I had the same impressions you did. No bad characteristics at all. Lightning quick, predictable, very stable, with great edgehold. felt very light and were great in light, cut up powder and on hardpack. Very unforgiving tail though if you got your weight back, especially in the bumps.

They were a ton of fun, but I'm not sure if I could keep up with their energy all day. They really wanted to fire off short turns, even more so than some of the short slaloms that I've tried. I could make longer GS turns, but I could feel that it wasn't what made them happiest. Maybe it was the length?

I think I might have preferred it in a 182, for my weight. Not because I needed more stability or smoothness, but it might be a little less anxious to jump into the next turn before my old legs are ready.

Great ski though. It truly stood out form the others I demoed.
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I don't think the 175s should be considered too short for you Carvemeister. If you go with a longer length you may just find that they are more demanding when you want to ski short turns and bumps without being much better at long cruising turns. I do agree that these skis are not really a cruising ski, they feel best when they are being pushed hard, especially in longer turns. Even at 220lbs, I felt like the skis didn't come alive until I was going fast, carving hard and getting the skis out from under my body. They are manageable at slower speeds but they beg to be skied hard and fast. I imagine that a longer length would accentuate these characteristics of a GS ski.
With the 175s I found that short turns required very little effort even at high speeds; the ski has great, controllable rebound which really helps in transitions between turns.
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