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Tectron DWR

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Has anyone had any problems with this product? I'm in the process of going on a rant due to: to product doesn't work, I was blown off by the place of purchase, I should have stayed with my tried and true Nikwax. Does anyone have email info for: Tectron, and or Columbia Clothing Company? Look out : consumer on the tear.
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Ok I'm a little slow here. What is tectron and DWR? You said something about Columbia clothing co?
I've had good luck with the few things I have from Columbia. They aren't the best out there. The Titanium shell pants I have from them are waterproof and seem to be holding up. They are far better then the Boulder Gear Pants I bought on sale. I'll never buy anything from Boulder Gear again.
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Tectron is supposed to be, along with Nikwax, superior to other water proofing products based upon tests done by Peter Keelty several seasons back in the late lamented Inside Tracks.
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Tectron: wash in waterproofing.
DWR: durable water repellent
lostboy: I've used Nikwax in the past without fail. This stiff just didn't take at all, I was wetting out all over the place.
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Interesting. I use Nikwax too. Based on the Inside Tracks review, I've looked for Tectron to compare it to Nixwax but have never come accross it. Maybe I can stop looking.

[ November 24, 2002, 07:59 PM: Message edited by: Lostboy ]
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Lostboy: Stick with the Nikwax. Never see me use this product in the future. If I wasn't such a computer flunky I'd post a pic to show you the areas that didn't take.
Don't need the company info as I was able to find the addys that I need.
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I've used the nikwax when washing my ski jacket and it seems to do ok. I have never seen tectron so thanks for the heads up. Guess I'll just stick to the Nikwax.
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The other night I looked up the now defunct "Inside Tracks" Rain/Stain reviews of Nov. 2001. It gave Tectron Wash-in Waterproofer the highest "5 dot" rating along with Nikwax. In part the review describes Tectron as the hardest working of all wash-ins offering unmatched protection to treated fabrics, including sun, water, stains and even grease. One bottle protects 1-2 garments.

Go figure.
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Yea, go figure. I'm still at a loss why it didn't take. The owner of North by Northwest heard me out and gave me a full refund. My hat goes off to him on that matter. But I think that I will go and get my Nikwax and put this matter to rest.
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