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Need boot advice

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I have a fairly large calf, so boots are usually killing me. My last two boots have been Nordica Easy Move 12 and Salomon X-Wave 10. What I am looking for is something that wouldn't be so painful for my calves. Any advice or suggestion?

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your calf doesn't look all that big, muscular perhaps but certainly not in the monster calf camp!


most boots can be adjusted to accommodate a larger calf, the most important thing is that they fit your feet properly, don't be tempted to go up a size to get a bigger just goes higher up the leg on a larger part of your leg!  


next question is this... is it the size of the calf that is causing the pain or is it that the calf is very tight and you are being forced into a forward position which your calf cannot tolerate, (i am guessing at this but the structure of your foot in the picture makes me suspect that this could be the case) if this is happening then a stretching plan an upright boot and some help from your boot fitter are all in order


check the list of fitters at the top of the forum, if you can't find one close to you get back to us with your location and we may be able to recommend someone closer, but all in all you need to work with a good fitter to get the best boot for your foot (and leg)


good luck

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Thanks for the reply.


In my current boot I can just close the upper buckle, and that's always been the case with me in alpine boots. The size of my boots matches my mondopoint measure, it's 29.5, and they seem to fit my foot brilliantly. The foot itself has never felt like the problem, although I'm sure there's room for improvement.


It might be the angle that's being a little too much forward leaning, I don't know. It may very well be the case. I play icehockey a few times a week so I'm used to the hockey stance, but playing hockey doesn't make my calves go numb :)


I live in the western part of Norway and to my knowledge there aren't any bootfiitters around. Perhaps at Hovden (might go there during easter).

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your hockey skate won't press on your calf even if you are in a forward stance!  afraid i don't know anywhere in Norway, others might, we had a young lady fly in form Sweden earlier in the season due to a lack of options near her there

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