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Steamboat lodging question

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Have decided between Emerald Lodge or  The Lodge at Steamboat.

Priced about the same, pros and cons of each?

Coming out 3/27-4/4

Thanks for all your help

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Stayed at the Lodge 3 years ago and loved it.  Like most , it can be unit # specific , but ours was very good , new, up to date , clean and furnishings were on higher end.  Don't remember the unit # .  Quick 50 yard walk to hot tub and about a 200-300 yard easy walk to gondi. My 8 and 11 year old girls were fine with the commute.  Would stay again.  Good for you , hear Steamboat is getting bombed this year, will be great.  We had a "meh" year for snow when we went , but would go back and stay at same.   We are doing Snowmass this year, ( leaving Saturday ) and hoping for a good dump from this weekends storm

Have fun

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Sorry should clarify .  We stayed at The Lodge at Steamboat ( since you were talking about 2 "lodges" )beercheer.gif

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Also an easy general store between unit and base that you can get some groceries.  They even sell small packets of mustard, ketchup , spices etc so you don't have to buy whole bottle.  But for main grocereies, do them in town.  Our cab driver on the way in from airport even gave us his points card to use in grocery store, saved us like 40 bucks on $200.  Very nice of him.........And oh , yah , he waited in parking lot with meter off while we shopped .    


Also make sure you do the hot springs one day .    And if you are into it , I did a day out with Steamboat Powdercats , and man did that rock !!!

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the grocery stores aren't really in town.  there is a natural grocer and bamboo market in town but for "mainstream" grocery stores, there are 2: a safeway and a  City Market both are off 40 at the base of the resort area.  Most people prefer city market which is a common shuttle destination.  Central Park Liquors is located there so it's convenient......  

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Ended up booking at Emerald Lodge

Next question, best happy hour?????

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In town, I liked Mahogany Ridge Brewery.  Not sure about on the mountain...

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Bayview - I'm in Linwood - howdy neighbor. Haven't been to Steamboat in 2 or 3 years but it's one of my favorite places. For afternoon happy hour (like when your legs are burned by late lunchtime), it's a tough choice between Slopeside or the bar by the gondola - both have nice outdoor areas that should be really nice when you're there. The spot by the gondi often has live music. For more traditional late afternoon, early evening happy hour you need to experience the Tugboat at least once; also the Old Town Pub downtown on Lincoln Ave has that old-time regular bar vibe, lots more authenticity than a lot of ski-town watering holes.


Have a great trip.   


PS just remembered the Crude Dudes (unofficial local ski "club") are at Steamboat this week; I'lll try to remember to get you some up-to-date info in the next few days.

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