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Seeking some help in choosing new skis...


I'm a very advanced skier (6'1'', 190) who likes the steep and deep stuff where I can find it. Next year I will be mostly at Lake Louise, and hopefully lots of Kicking Horse. I love trees,  going fast, and the really steep/tight stuff... basically I need an all-mountain ski. I love powder, but we all know it just doesn't always work out that way. I was looking at the S3, but after getting some replies here, then researching, it doesn't seem stable enough at speed. I'm currently considering Gotama, Armada TST, and the Blizzard Bonifide. I know it might be impossible, but I'm hoping for something that can handle speed, but is nimble enough for the trees and for tight/steep stuff.


I'm currently on some 186 Rossignol B3s... I can't say I've really liked them, but I've made them work (for far too long). Looking forward to a big upgrade.