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Short midweek trip to VT end of March

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I would like to take my 13 yo kids, boy who likes bumps and glades/trees, and a girl who likes blues, but good enough for some blacks at killington on a short road trip from Philly to VT the last weekend of March..  We have a club trip to Okemo the weekend of the 3/16.  But they have spring break the last week and I just got a one night stay and two lift tickets to Bolton for this year. 

I was hoping to leave Monday night and go as far Hunter/windham for Tuesday then head to VT maybe Bolton the first night and work my way alittle further south on Thursday so I could make a 6 hour run home that night.  Last year we did Snow/Okemo/Killington on a four day trip, so we are familiar with them. 

So what is everyones opinion regarding southern VT in late March and the NY stop? I skied Hunter with a friend several years ago and the conditions there were icy, but that was just one day.  I am hoping for some local knowledge, I'm worried about going too far south(Snow) and not have decent skiing. 

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Impossible to say really...New England weather after all.  From personal experience I have found that northern VT often has mid-winter weather and conditions later in March while souther VT is full on spring and beginning to shut down services and terrain.  I doubt you will have any trouble finding good deals on lodging anywhere in the region and would wait until last minute to pick areas.  I will say that Bolton does not get as much snow as bigger areas higher in the mountains about a half-hours drive south.

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It is snowing now in Ludlow/Killington. Prob will have close to 6 inches. More on the mountains.

End of month could be good. Hunter might be questionable, but you  never know. Even in So VT, there could be a spate of loathsome high temps.

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Got away early on Monday and made it all the way to Bolton Valley that night.  Skied Tuesday with a fair amount of untouched woods, only one chair open due to manpower cutbacks but never a line.  Wednesday at Smuggs was also  very nice.  Had to hunt a little for some fresh trees for my son but he found them.  Thursday at Stowe, was the most crowded, I can't imagine a weekend there.  Now I've seen it and don't have to go back.  Beautiful but expensive for me and two kids.  I think we have the bug now for northern VT skiing. 

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Just got back from Mt Snow. Empty all week with 100% open and great conditions, heard it was a zoo today since they were selling $29 lift tickets.
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Yes there is ski fever in the land. Today was mildly crowded since it was Good Friday and people took off.

Still, afternoon not that crowded at all. Very good spring skiing today at Okemo.

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