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A Quandry

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Okay.  Here is my question.  I live in the Midwest so about 90% of my skiing is on smaller hills (250 to 500 vertical feet) and as such it is mostly on groomed runs.  Currently I am skiing on Kastle MX78's and they are starting to get a little wore out.  In a perfect world I would like something that is good on our typically hard man-made snow, melting stuff, etc., but is a little easier when we get some actual snow (usually about 4 to 8 inches over the stuff mentioned above).  Do I look at the same type of ski and just live with the lesser performance in soft snow deficiencies (MX78, MX83, the new Stockli laser AR or like the Head Titan).  Or trade in the MX78's for a true ice skate and buy something like the Kastle FX84 for those couple of days a year when we get snow around here.  Any help is appreciated.

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As someone who skis in similar conditions most of the time I wouldn't hesitate to make the FX84 or MX88 my everyday ski or even the FX94.

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