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Skinny Skis

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Hey guys, 

My friends and I this year have turned to an old school approach to skiing. We have mostly dropped straight lining steeps and throwing huge spins for an older school approach, hitting every bump on the way down, throwing huge spread eagles, donkey kicks and twisters. We having been using skis from the 80s I personally have been skiing on the K2 triaxials. They are very straight so the turning sucks, but they are light, stiff, and fast. I am looking for a new ski this year that would fit the same description, something very skinny and light. I have a small deal with Icelantic and I know they are coming out with new "SKNY" skis. Are these the best option for moguls and such? Please Help

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There are plenty of traditionally shaped skis that can be found cheap. Craigslist is a good source. is a good source for new discontinued product.
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I think you and your friends need to get some fat skis and start doing powder 8's.  That's old school.

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I've got a handful of brand new straight skis taking up space in my basement if you are interested.  I loaded up on late 90's skinny skis that I have never used.  They are mostly Dynastar X8, S9 and XJ in 195-200cm.  Great skis in the day.  I skied bumps at Mary Jane on the X8 and S9 for a number of years after a multi-year affair with Hart F-17's.   The Harts were a little better bump ski, but the Dynastars are lighter and better all-mountain from what I recall.   Let me know if you want them cheap.

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How much for the skis?
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