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Dave, Thank you for the great post!
I'm going to PowMow the first week in March with my wife and friends, we are planning on skiing PowMow and Snowbasin for the week. Your write up was most informative and you have me stoked to get there ASAP. I too am a Sugarloafer since 1978 (pre-Bullwinkle's). Do you remember the old Sugarloafer Ski Dorm halfway from Kingfield to the ski area?

It sounds like you were not pleased with whatever flavor of GMC you were driving, we are considering renting a Dodge 1/2 Ton 4x4 pick up or a Jeep Grand Cherokee for the trip and thoughts on which would be better? We are staying in Wolf Hollow and making the daily drive.

Thanks again!

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Love Powder Mountain.


Robin and I spent a magical 4 days there, also in February 2013.  Here is my video TR:


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the grand cherokee is what I rent at pow mow--- works great and holds the road well

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We just goit back from our trip to Utah, Powder Mountain was amazing and loved the feel of the place. Snow was very good and Cobabe Canyon was my favorite (until I blew out my knee on the third day). We all spent a great sunny and warm day at Snowbasin, WOW, what a 180 degree difference from POMOW, but very very nice. I did not ski (knee), but did get a pedestrian pass to ride the lifts and meet everyone for lunch at the summit lodge. We'll just have to go back.

So proud of my wife as she trained hard for the rip and kicked ass on two days of Cat Skiing at Power Mountain on Lightning Ridge and did amazingly well. I so wish I could have been there too!

This year weatrher wise was very strange every place across the USA, so I don't know if we went too late to UT or not, as the temps were very warm and had  some heavy and wet snow, maybe we need to go in February instead of early March?

Hope you had a good season, the rest of mine will be in physical therapy getting in shape for next year.



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I guess moral of the story is you gotta go .

It is one of the biggest unhyped ski resorts in the US.

We spent 3 days there and will never forget the surrounding beauty.

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