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Ski Comparison

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I am looking for a new pair of skies. I do a lot of skiing on all levels of slopes and and also in the park. I sometimes ski moguls and a little off the trails as well. Originally I was going to get a pair of Volkl Vertigo g3 (177cm). Then I found a pair of Rossignol Scratch FS (172cm). My dilemma is deciding whether I should get the Volkl's to be more confident in the slopes and make do with them in the park or get the Rossignols to be more confident in the parks and make do with them on the slopes. I enjoy both and am good at them however I'm better on the slopes then in the park.

Thanks for any help.
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well if you wanna focus on the park then get the scratch's...but unless you are gonna devote most of your time in the park, I would not buy a twin. just my 2cents
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?: Have you demoed either ski ?
Possible ans: No
Possible solution: Why not do a seasonal rental from a reputable ski shop, demo during the season, and buy in the spring when the prices should be very favorable ?
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the scratch is a backcountry freestyle ski, way wider than the G3. They aren't gonna be very good on groomed. If you're looking for an all mountain park ski try something else. Volkl has the V which is a park ski.
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Actually, the Scratch FS to which GSmitty referred is a more standard width (which doesn't really mean anything these days) "in bounds" ski. There is a backcountry jib version as well; that's the Scratch BC.
GSmitty, I'd hit those G3s- awesome all-around ski- first, and keep an eye open for a cheap pair of twins. The K2 Enemy is retailing for something like $300 MSRP this year, maybe you can find them for less after the Converted Midwinter Pagan Festival of Commercialism (aka Christmas). Personally, I don't really spend much time in the park until mid March or so when it softens up- if you are the same, I'd hold out.
P.S. I think that the Scratch is designed to be center mounted, a true twin tip ski- for all-around use I wouldn't do that. Just my 10 cents.

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