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New Season, New Skis.... what should I get? arg...

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As yet another ski season approaches I find myself in that wonderfully distinct position of purchasing new boards.

Anyways, I compete in a moderatly competitive race league and FYI therein lies most of my skiing during the year.

I am an advanced skiier, or expert, whatever, lol, and I'm looking for the top racing ski this year.

I'm not completely 100% sure on all of the names of the new skiis but primarly I am looking at buying the top SL ski of each of the following


I've been skiing on Rossy 9S' for the last 3-4 years, I got them when the first Rossy shaped skis were comming out.

They are wonderful skiis, but, as technology progresses so does the inherent benefits of possessing it, and now I'm 3-4 years behind and that much slower.

So I am looking for any thoughtful advice from fellow racers on any of the above three top Slalom skis.

Any help is greatly appreciated [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oh yeah, I guess my dimensions might help a bit....

I'm about 5'12 almost 6 feet tall.

192 pounds, broad shouldered so my center of mass is usually decently balanced right over the skis.
I'm 18, still have my health and youth lol.

My legs have a lot of strength so usually (at least in the past) the stiffer the ski the better.

Any help is greatly appreciated... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Try the volkl p50 sc racing. it is their new slalom ski, and hs gotten good reviews.

I am not to up on other brands, so I'll let others give you some more advice...
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You are in for a BIG change coming from the old 9s. The shape of that ski and the newer are light years apart.

Your turns will HAPPEN on whatever you ride. I brought my 9s out for one last ride at the end of last season and promptly put them back in the locker. My 01 Volkl SL's were much better, but hands down (for 02) I switched over to Stockli SC's and have found them to be faster and much more sure at speed than the Volkl's.

+mike+ is a pretty savy poster and had quite a review of this years crop of the 02/03 SL skis. Check back about a month or two ago and give that a good read. He seemed to favor the Elan and the Stockli. His SL reviews have covered most models and makes in the race line.
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Just exactly what do you mean you're in a race league looking at slalom skis. Is this full contact shin gaurds-break-away-single- poles REAL slalom??? Or is it like my race league, tighter gs course sets, dual pole gate panels, kinda like an upscale Nastar?

My new race ski of choice is the Salomon 3V Poweraxe 168cm., to be used for more of a gs style. In the past several years, the Nastar type sets have moved to more slalom skis because of the hook up factor with better/quicker carving over the GS skis.
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I see by your post that you are Canadian. Check out Ski Canada magazine both the Buyers guide and Nov 2002 issues.

I think if you can demo the Atomics and Volkls [ they weren't tested by Ski Canada last season ] this is a good place for you to start to determine what ski is going to give you the performance you are looking for.

As to whether you should get Slalom or GS ski depends on the type of racing league you do. If it is all open gates, such as they are in the US NASTAR courses, then you may wish to consider a GS ski, since it will be more versitle when skiing the rest of the mountain, and just as effecteive in the GS type race courses.

If you will be doing primarily gates, a 170 cm ski may be all the length you will need in the slalom type ski, and in a GS ski a 180 is a good place to start your demos.

Don't forget about refitting your boots and include custom insoles. Also an alignment, for a serious racer, is mandatory.If your boots are more than three seasons old, start there first, then demo and possibly get your new skis.
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