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I need to find women's boots to fit narrow feet and ankles!

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Hi! I just joined this forum because I'm an advanced skier, and I'm having an impossible time finding ski boots to fit my narrow feet! I'm skiing in size 25-25.5 Rosignal B1 Bandits that I was fitted for in Tremblant about 5 years ago, but my feet move around in the boots now, and that is on the tightest setting. I'm an agressive skier, a former racer, and I love to ski a variety of terrain, especially steeps. I usually have to buy Italian shoes in street shoes, because they run more narrow and fit my feet better.  I wear an 8.5 narrow in Stuart Weitzman, or 8 - 8.5 narrow in Donald Pliner.  I generally wear a 39 euro in narrow. I have very slim ankles and calves too. For years, poor fitting boots held me back in my skiing, but being fitted by US ski team boot fitters got me on the right path.  I don't have that option now, as I live in WV, and my travel options are limited as I'm now a mom of young kids. I won't be skiing outside of WV anytime soon.  I'd like to purchase my next pair of boots over the internet, as ski shops in WV don't carry womens ski boots that run narrow. Can anyone help?

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25 boots on a 8.5 ladies foot seems really big and long


rossi B1 boots are not that narrow


most boots that are a "jr race" boot will be narrower then that.  Just about every company makes something that that.


if you know are you are 25 boot, then order something online that says that it is narrow,  you should be fine.

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Boots that may be narrow enough for you are divided into 95 and 98mm lasts.  When measuring men's foot size if you are narrower than "C" width you should be in a 95mm boot.  Doesn't matter it if is considered a woman's boot or not.  If you are a strong woman skier then you will probably ski a 115 flex or stiffer and you can find 95s as a B5 from Head or a Scorpion WC from Dalbello.  In 98s there are a ton of boots from every manufacturer.  I don't know the fit of a Rossi B1 but many Jr. boots are not narrow at all even if they are called race.


Fitted by national team fitters because they were in the area or because you are ex-national team?



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This may be one of those "one and run" post deals but I'll indulge the OP a little here.


First last and foremost........buying on the internet is not your answer. No real bootfitter can get you a close enough approximation online to have much chance of success.


Second, your current boots are probably the wrong size as well as the wrong shape so comparing against those is worthless.


Third......unfortunately, we can't really solve your problem for you. I know you want to sit on the sofa, type in your issues and have the brown truck drop the answer at your doorstep. You have maybe a 10% chance of success in this approach. If that is what you ultimately choose......good luck.


What you really need to do is find a qualified fitter and let the process begin. I know this isn't easy or convenient and FWIW, most of us don't make house calls. However, if you are serious enough to want a real solution, then you are serious enough to figure out out to find said qualified bootfitter and figure out how to get to said fitters' lair.



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what Jim says ^^^^^ or just buy red oneswink.gif

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