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Volkl G3

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Im thinking about buying the 2003 vertigo motions, but realized I can get the 2002 G3's much cheaper. Curious if anyone knows the difference between the 02' and 03' models as well as the added advantage of the motion system.

I also need size advice, Im 185 6" an advanced skier and have in the past skiied larger sizes.
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Minimal difference, 177. 184 at the longest.
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Supposedly there is a layer of fiberglass added to the '03. I am 6'2" and 187lbs. Have the '02 G3 w/ piston Control 1300, 191cm. Great ski, if you get to big hills and out West a fair amount, I would say 184cm.
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basicly the motion system dampens out the ski and gives you slightly better edgehold. I like a more lively ski so i'm on the G3 I agree no longer then 184. I'm on the 177 and its perfect for me i'm 5'11" and 235 lbs.
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This doesn't directly answer your questions, but I have quite a few days on the Volkl G30s and the 02 Vertigo Motions, and have some comments. The tone of my comments won't be new to people reading these boards, but here you go ...

I'm 39, 6'1", 168, solid level 8, and cruise at high speed, making GS turns or challenge myself by taking a few chutes. I take about 2 bump runs a day. Most of my skiing days are at Squaw or Alpine Meadows, but I usually spend 4 days a year at Whistler and/or 4 days in Utah. Needless to say, I don't ski much ice.

I found the '02 Vertigo Motion at 184 to be much easier to initiate than my older G30s at 188. I believe this is due to: 1) more sidecut; 2) easier flex/shorter ski; 3) the Motion system rails, and 4) my being in better shape.

Of those factors, I think #s 1 & 2 were most important, but they all came into play. I think you'd be very happy on the Motions at 184 at your size.

The Motions are easier to play on all day, easy on transitions if you're on the front side (better tail for short turns), and slightly better in bumps (due to flex, not sidecut).

I like the G30s better when I want to go fast (stiffer, straighter tail), take a chute, and ski harder snow. The G30s are marginally better in deeper stuff, due to length and lower binding mount (Look P9s, no lifters). BTW: I bought the G30s after comparing them head to head w/the X-Screams on two powder days at Whistler.

You'll be able to find the 02 Motions for about $650 or less. I would consider spending the extra money on the 03 Motions, if their flex compared to the 02s was stiffened so that it was about half-way between the G30s & the 02 Motions. I don't know how you're going to figure that out, but that's my $.02. Also, you may want to try the G3s with different bindings -- I don't particularly care for the Marker 1200s on the Motions after having the Looks on the G30s.

BTW: If you're going to Europe, consider buying them there. I picked up my Motions last year in Cortina for ~$415 brand spanking new, after accounting for exchange rate/VAT refund.
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