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Binding question: Lateral Diagonal

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This may be another boring binding question, but one I could really use some help with. Which bindings (maker and line) have a heel with lateral release? Is lateral the same as diagonal?
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Diagonal heel release, usually associated with the brand Tyrolia, allows the boot to twist sideways at the heel during a forward twisting fall. This requires the heel to be moving vertically in order for it to work. If you look at a Tyrolia diagonal release heel with the heel cup 'up' in release mode it can be pivoted left and right, but if you click the heel down it is locked in place by a 'V' shaped notch. In a rearward fall this mechanism is useless.


Lateral release is only offered by one company at the moment, and only to one side. Kneebinding, a lightening-rod for emotional posts around here. This additional mode of release should help to mitigate injuries due to the dreaded 'Phantom Foot Fall', the most common mechanism of ACL injuries in skiing.


Ski bindings have a tough job to do, they need to blend safety and performance. Skiers want their skis to stay on their feet until they absolutely need to have the ski off during a fall (or during a hard impact that could lead to injury... often before the skier hits the deck, causing folks to call them 'pre-releases'). Adding modes of release could lead to the binding releasing more often, which could cripple a brands reputation among 'core' skiers. having the added release modes not work effectively is sort of pointless... it's a tough path. There was a Lange ski boot years ago which offered an ACL-friendly releasing upper cuff... skiers would just turn up the resistance to release until it no longer worked. Same thing happens with DIN settings in what is called the 'ratchet effect', people turn the DIN up every time they feel that the binding released prematurely and eventually end up with very high settings instead of trouble shooting what caused the release.


Hope this helped a little.

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Thanks. What about the Look Pivot / Rossi FKS turntable thing?

Btw, demoed a pair if Prophet 90's that had the Tyrolia diagonal bindings, and they may have saved my ACL on fall while facing backwards down the hill.
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Dynafit has a lateral heel release.

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What about the Marker Royals?
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Look/Rossi turntable and Marker Royal heels release in a vertical direction only.
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How about the Head Mojo 12's?
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Originally Posted by boogiewith View Post

How about the Head Mojo 12's?

It is a Tyrolia! But I believe the MOJOs do not have lateral heel release.


I will look for the article but Turntables and lateral release heels do no better job than a fixed step in heel

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The Head (Tyrolia) Peak 12 if I recall has a diagonal heel release.



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