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Beaver Creek vs Aspen/Snowmass/Buttermilk

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We just returned from Deer Valley. I am an intermediate and eventually enjoyed myself though I was a bit rusty at first. My husband is a green skier and did not have a great time since DV doesn't have that many gentle greens. My 2 three year olds enjoyed ski school.

I have been to BC about 10 yrs ago and remember it to be enjoyable and quiet. I have never been to Aspen

So my ? is would BC or Aspen,etc be a better choice next year for my beginner husband and my then 4 year olds in ski school? Convenience and expense (yeah, I know these are posh resorts) Also we had a car in DV and stayed about 1/2 mile from the resort. It added almost $200 to our per night stay, but we found it useful since we cooked a lot, but it seems that in BC we'd save $ since everything is right there. What kind of grocery is there?
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Snowmass and Buttermilk have some of the nicest beginner terrain I've ever seen.  Snowmass has a lot of ski in/out condo's. There is a grocery store in the village center, that is on the free shuttle. Many of the condo complexes also have complimentary vans to pick you up at the airport and to take shopping.

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leeza:  Welcome to EpicSki!  Good for you to get everyone having fun on skis.  You might find some useful info in this related thread:



You might get some other perspectives on TheSkiDiva.com.

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Buddy and I just got back from DV and asked ourselves a similar question with regards to a group that is going out next week.  We have a couple of spouses that are probably about the same skill level as your husband.  While we have a blast at DV the blues there seem to have a little more pitch than some mountains and I think they would also have had a little trouble.


Both BC and Snowmass would be a good fit for your husband.  At BC we stayed at St James in the village which seemed a little more economical (for the area) and was convenient to get kids to ski school.  With a guy trip we stayed in Avon which was less expensive but you did have to commute.  Parking does fill up at the Village so get there early.  Grocery stores in Avon about 5-10 minutes away


Snowmass has a lot of ski in/out lodging and was very convenient.  I stayed there solo so don't know much about grocery stores.


I wouldn't recommend Aspen for a beginner.  I loved the mountain but again, not a great fit for a beginner.

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Beaver Creek has some easy greens coming right off the summit. Beginners should do well there. Also there are plenty of blues and blacks for whoever else. Its not the most difficult mountain, but pretty good for the family.
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