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Hey Gang,


Just got back from Utah an update on Powder and Snowbasin.




Got dumped on right before we got there, skied it monday. On Sunday they said they had the biggest crowd ever there, due to some road closures down south and the majority of snow falling up north (along with the fact that there hasn't been many storms like that this year). Place was tracked out! There was barely any snow that didn't have tracks one day after the storm. Found a little off the John Paul side, if you head up the tram and then head past the women's downhill start. Disclaimer: this can be some pretty advanced terrain! Anyways went back to it on Wednesday and the snow had softened a bit, but still no tracks to find. If you like to ski groomers, they were in great shape and plentiful. The resort as always was in great condition and the staff always friendly and accommodating. Love that place, just wish there was some powder left!



Powder Mountain:


Went here on Tuesday. First time, hired an inbounds guide thanks to some great help from people here. $200 for six people for a cat ride up rain tree and a guide all day, can't beat it. We skied fresh powder all day! 2-3 feet of it in most places and we barely scratched the surface of the mountain. The lighting ridge area was basically untouched. Even though they haven't really gotten any snow since we were there, if you are looking for some powder, this is your spot. The small hike up to Cobabe canyon will definitely offer some fresh tracks and I am sure there are many more. I would certainly recommend the guide if its your first time.

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Sunday: I was up early and got to Powder Mountain just before the lifts started at 9am. It was raining here at the lake, but I figured it would be snowing up on the mountain, and so it was--and it snowed all day long, turning to the sort of icy , tiny pellets that sting the face. I would imagine the mountain got at least 4" today, and it wasn't at all crowded. Also the clouds came down and after two one could hardly see thirty feet ahead. New for me: I left at 3 pm rather than 4! I was tired and didn't want to push my luck. I skied with some nice guys, but only for an hour or so, and it's always fun to ski with others. Tomorrow I'm going to Snowbasin. I think conditions there will be very good. Anybody want to ski Snowbasin tomorrow (Monday)?
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I will be at Powder and Snowbasin Friday until Monday with 3 others.  We are looking to hire a guide.  Any suggestions for each mountain.



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Tuesday night, Mar. 5 The conditions today were excellent--sunny and still plenty of powder here and there . Going again tomorrow. If you want to make a few turns, I'm wearing red over white. I'll be ready at 9.
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